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With World Mental Health Day (10th October 2021) fast approaching, LSU is announcing access to the Consent Collective TV. All members of staff at LSU are able to sign up to view a wealth of resources around the topic of consent - just use your LSU email address and set yourself a strong password! Below is some information recently circulated by the Consent Collective around World Mental Health Day 2021.

Helping you to talk about mental health this #WorldMentalHealthDay

We’re all thinking about mental health, perhaps with a sharper focus this week as we approach #WorldMentalHealthDay.


Mental health is that vital ingredient to our lifelong wellbeing and it’s a result of many influences, different for each of us. The similarity is the healing work that is at the core of it all and the education and skills we all need to foster good mental health for ourselves and the communities we are part of. 


By actively strengthening our mental health, we can equip ourselves better for our every day, in our studies and work and in our relationships. Learning how to process, regulate, and manage emotions productively, especially when those moments of crisis do occur and we need the tools we have already put in place is a kindness to ourselves. 


By getting curious about our own mental health, we also get curious about the communities we are part of, stepping closer to creating thriving communities, which promote positive mental health. You may already be thinking about all this and that's no small step. 


Our work here at The Consent Collective is focused on providing education and resources that can support you in this. We talk about consent, healthy relationships, difference and curiosity about ourselves when it comes to these topics. All helping us to navigate towards good mental health and shared healthy places, like our university campuses. 


Whether this is about your individual wellbeing or about the support you deliver, a great deal can be done to foster the kinds of environments that help mental health to thrive.


For example, when we start thinking about a *trauma-informed approach in how we teach and how we learn, we start to change these environments for the better. When we start thinking about *our own relationship to stress and anxiety and when we look at how we *navigate each other’s anxiety, we build safer environments together.

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Providing students and staff with access to good resources and information will help to build positive mental health in our communities.


Within Consent Collective TV there are a good few places to help you start:


*Channel 2 is all about support for yourself, including a free read of ‘The Courage to be me’, *Channel 3 is about supporting others and includes resources and information you may need.

*You need to be logged in to Consent Collective TV for these links to take you directly to the mentioned content. 


By spreading the word, you’re also helping to make these conversations part of your community. You can let your fellow students and staff know that they have access to Consent Collective TV. You can also see more here on Channel 5 about how you can use TV content. 


If you need help in embedding or sharing our content on your social media or web pages, go to your university’s Consent Collective landing page and click the Spread the Word button.

How do people heal from trauma is our two-day pre-recorded, online learning retreat

(not included in Consent Collective TV). You can see a summary of the content, read reviews and watch an introductory video here to see if it may be a good fit for you, a friend, colleague or your team, as a further resource.


We hope all the information has been useful to you. There is a lot more on Consent Collective TV, so take your time, browse, revisit and share.


Take very good care, until next time.