Terms and Conditions


Although we give preference to whole-day bookings, children may attend Nursery for between 4 and 10 sessions per week (full days count as 2 sessions and 9am to 4pm as 1½ sessions), all sessions are fully inclusive, including meals and nappies. Children are expected to attend a minimum of 4 sessions (20 hours) a week for the 50 weeks a year the Nursery is open, or 40 weeks for students. We believe that attending fewer sessions than this does not give enough continuity for a child and it is only in exceptional circumstances that will we admit a child for fewer than 4 sessions per week.

Offer and acceptance of a place in the nursery

Parents wishing to accept a place that has been offered need to return the acceptance form together with the registration fee.

Payment of Fees

  • Fees are invoiced and must be paid in advance. Invoices are usually issued at the end of the month for the proceeding month and are payable by the 10th of the invoiced month (please allow sufficient time for payments to clear, including voucher payments).
  • A £10 administration late payment charge will be applied to outstanding balances over £40.
  • Fees are not payable during the nursery closure periods and bank holidays.
  • Unfortunately, there are no refunds, reductions, or waivers of fees because of absences, however caused.
  • Parents are normally invoiced each month, but the normal monthly payment should not be withheld while awaiting receipt of invoice.
  • If fees are unpaid at any time, the nursery reserves the right to refuse entry to a child. Funded sessions can still be accessed.
  • In case of genuine financial hardship, please make sure that you contact the Head of Nursery as a matter of urgency.

Responsibility for payment

Fees are the joint responsibilities of the parents.

Voucher payments

The Campus Nursery accepts voucher payments from several different companies and are registered with the Tax Free Childcare voucher scheme, please email nursery@lsu.co.uk to check to see if your chosen company has been registered with the nursery. Please note that if you pay by vouchers any overpayments resulting in a remaining balance will be refunded back to the voucher company, a £20 administration charge will be applied for this service. If your voucher company does not accept return payments then the Nursery will be unable to refund any outstanding credits directly to parents, these overpayments can either be donated to the Nursery to buy new toys or you can nominate a UK charity.

Fees for late pick-up of children

The nursery will make a charge if a child is collected late. The current rate is £5 per 15 minutes or part of, this goes towards the extra costs of caring for the child (staffing, heating/lighting etc.).

Changes to your child's attendance at the nursery

  • Cancellation of acceptance: The registration fee is non refundable if, for any reason, you cancel the acceptance of a place or the child does not join the nursery after a place has been reserved by the nursery and accepted by the parent. Cancellation must be given in writing and acknowledged by the nursery.
  • Cancellation: Owing to the long-term commitment we make when reserving a child's place, we must ask you to make a similar commitment to us. We therefore, require a minimum of 2 calendar months written notice, given on the first of the month to cancel your child's booking. In the event of a child not attending Nursery during the notice period the appropriate full fee will be payable.
  • Increase in attendance: If an increase to your child's sessions or days is required, this will be arranged as soon as there is a vacancy.
  • Decrease in attendance: Decrease of attendance must be requested in writing and is permitted at the discretion of the Head of Nursery and the same notice period will apply as in withdrawal from the nursery. For operational reasons we reserve the right to consider requests for reductions in attendance as new bookings if necessary.

Administration costs

A £10 administration charge will apply after two and subsequent changes to contracts within a 12 month period.

Review of fees

To maintain our quality standards, it may be necessary to revise the nursery fees, and at least two months advance notice will be given before any changes are implemented.

Discounts and Subsidies

  • Loughborough Students - A 50p per hour subsidy is available for Loughborough students for the duration of their course. Academic contracts from September to June are available for students. For more information email nursery@lsu.co.uk.
  • Students' Union Staf - A 50p per hour subsidy is available for all current members of LSU staff.
  • Loughborough University Staff - A 60p per hour subsidy is made available by the University for their staff members during their employment, this is limited and subject to availability.
  • Disclaimer: Subsidies are not applied to Government funded hours. Proof of eligibility are required to obtain subsidies. If your circumstances change, you must inform the Campus Nursery. The Campus Nursery will reclaim any subsidy payments that have be falsely claimed.

Free Early Educational Funding and Extended Entitlement (FEEE)

Funded only term time places - the Campus Nursery offers a limited number of funded term time only places, these are dependent on availability and a minimum booking of 14 hours per week is required.

Registration - In order to claim the 30 hours extended entitlement parents must register their eligibility every 3 months with HMRC. Failure to do so will mean that the nursery will not receive funding for your child and you will be required to make good the shortfall in funding.

It is our duty to check originals of documents to confirm your child has reached the eligible age for all funded entitlements. We are required to retain paper or digital copies of this documentation to enable the Local Authority to carry out audits and fraud investigations should the need arise. These will be stored securely and deleted when there is no longer a good reason to keep the data.

In addition, by signing our terms and conditions you are agreeing that the information you have provided can be shared with the Local Authority and the Department for Education (DfE), who will also access information from other Government departments to confirm your child's eligibility and enable us to claim Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) or Disability Access Fund (DAF) on behalf of your child.

Grace Period - Parents who claim the 30 hours funding will have their eligibility checked by the DfE's Eligibility Checking Service approximately every 3 months. If a family's eligibility under the earnings criteria ceases, the Local Authority will allow a grace period during which the family will continue to receive the 30 hours funding. If at the end of the grace period the family still does not meet the earnings criteria, the child will no longer be eligible for the full 30 hours funding, but can still receive the standard universal 15 hours funding. Further information on the grace period is available from the office on request.

Accessing your Funding - We offer several options for parents to access their funding, please email nursery@lsu.co.uk more information.


The nursery does not accept responsibility for accidental injury or loss of property on any nursery premises, including car-parking areas, unless caused by its negligence.


Under no circumstances will a child be allowed to leave the Nursery with anyone unknown to the Nursery staff unless previously arranged by a person with parental responsibility.

Safeguarding Children

We follow the guidance of the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB).


  • The nursery means The Loughborough Campus Nursery.
  • The Head of Nursery means the person appointed by Loughborough Students' Union to be responsible for the children and staff and includes any other person to whom any of the duties of the Head of Nursery has been responsibly delegated.
  • The parent means each person who has signed the acceptance form or who has parental responsibility.