Telford Hall - Freshers' Subs

Freshers Subs are paid just by FRESHERS' and includes HALL SUBS and the FRESHER' PACK. This pack gives you access to all Telford events throughout the year (including Freshers' Fortnight). Buying this pack will allow you to fully experience Freshers' in Telford as it allows you to join in the pre-night punch parties, nights in town/ Nottingham, the Sing-Off, IMS Trials, your Freshers' Weel T-Shirts and much, much more. Getting involved with Telford is something you won't regret, you'll meet some amazing people and have the time of your life, so don’t miss out. As well as paying for Freshers' Week the Freshers subs will contribute to all the events in the year such as RAG, IMS, socials, Winter/Summer Ball and Telford Day(the best day of the year!). FRESHERS' SUBS SHOULD BE PAID BEFORE YOU ARRIVE IN SEPTEMBER otherwise you risk not getting your Freshers' T-Shirts or wristbands, allowing you to join in the fun!


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