LSU Aikido is a society dedicated to the practise of the Japanese martial art Aikido. We hold our sessions in the William Morris Dance Studio twice a week and enjoy a relaxed, open atmosphere that is typical of an Aikido dojo.


Aikido is a Japanese martial art that focuses primarily on self-defence, with the techniques taught allowing someone to neutralise an attacker using their own strength and momentum, all without bringing harm to either combatant. It does not teach attack, instead it shows that through redirection and blending, it is possible to change the essence of an attack into something harmless.


Relying on and training skill, not strength, this martial art can be practised by anyone regardless of age, sex or ability, and we’re open for anyone to join! All you have to do is wear something soft and with sleeves to roll around the mats in, turn up with enthusiasm and enjoy yourself. Of course you are welcome to come and watch us train anytime, to get a feel of what it is like.


Sessions are taught by Sensei Paul Turner with guest sensei throughout the year coming down to teach, as well as numerous courses being held over the country culminating in a week-long Summer School which we hope to send more and more Loughborough students every year!


Our training consists of both open hand techniques and weapons training with the bokken (wooden sword), jo (wooden staff) and tanto (wooden knife). There is always a focus on relating weapons work to improving and understanding our open hand technique for a well-rounded syllabus of training.


For more information, please email me (Luke Perry) at

Please join the Facebook group Official LSU Aikido. (Please note that this is for paid members of lsu aikido only)


With special thanks to the Loughborough University Development Trust for the gift of two large crash mats!