What is Airsoft?

Anyone who has previously played paintball or laser tag may well be familiar with the principles of airsoft. In general, it’s easy to think of it as “paintball without the paint, but better”. The ammunition are small ball bearings measuring only 6mm in diameter and weigh typically around 0.2 grams. They’re shot at high speeds though, sometimes being over 500 feet per second (around 340 miles an hour!) Enough to feel, but not enough to cause any serious injuries.

LSU Airsoft society is made up of enthusiastic airsoft players who come together both on and off the field to enjoy and enthuse the sport. But also generally get to know one another. The society is a very close knit one and very much a family.

So what is the sport actually about?

The sport is generally based on going out to a secure site and skirmishing with other players of all ages. Scenarios on the day can be as simple and enjoyable as a capture the flag event or as long and tactical as a long wearing base assault. Due to the relatively long range and the accuracy of the equipment used it’s common for teams to have many smaller squads and employ similar tactics to that of a military.

A variety of weapons are available, including rifles, SMGs, support weapons, snipers, shotguns, pistols and grenades. There is a weapon to meet anyone's personal preference and playing style. Be it a stealthy ghost at the back of the line, or an RPG wielding maniac storming a base at full steam!

There are three traits that airsoft will give you over the playing time. These are:

  • Honesty: Without paint, you’ll need to be honest, and it is your responsibility to call yourself out when hit.
  • Respect: Airsoft is a game enjoyed by many passionate people, and showing respect for your enemy on the field is a top priority. They’re you’re friends in the safe zones!
  • Honour: It is always best to leave a battle knowing that you represented yourself and your team as honourably as you could. Even if you didn’t always reach the target you were after!


When do you get together?

Why not come along to our Give-it-a-go event. The Room 1 Shootout! 11th October, 1-5PM in Room 1, free entry and ammo, just  come along!!

We aim to host around 5-6 official games per semester, ending up at about 10-12 for the overall year. On top of that, the society tends to organise a few games outside of term times which are informed as and when. A typical example of this is the National Airsoft Festival in summer.

We also enjoy a good time off the fields! Along with a few major different socials planned. The planned fortnightly social starting in November (When the freshers’ events die down!) to be hosted in town is a time to get to be part of the family.

Not only this! But additional plans such as the (bi)annual trips to Alton Towers, Extra-activity nights (such as trampoline socials) and society barbecues are all to look forward to in the coming year! Don’t forget to check the events page for signups and tickets to events!

What does it cost me?

Membership is only £15 a year and gives you access to a lot of extra benefits! Too much to list on this page so it’s best to check up on the Benefits Page itself to find out more.

Airsoft is usually a lot cheaper than the alternatives, mostly due to the relatively low price of the ammunition and availability of budget weaponry. Prices vary from site to site (with urban sites generally being slightly more expensive), but a typical day's play usually costs:

  • Green fees: £10 - 25
  • Hire gun: £15 - 20
  • Ammo: £10 for 3,000 - 5,000 BBs
  • Lunch: Free-£5
  • Transport: £1 - 5
  • Grenades: £1 - 3 each
  • So it's possible to see that an entire day of airsoft can cost less than £30 at certain sites.


    Join us!

    By signing up you are agreeing to that you have read (and agree to) the society's rules, as set forward in the society's Code of Conduct.

    If you experience any problems trying to join, please send me an email at I shall try to sort it.