Fighting Robot Society


Hello! Welcome to the Loughborough Fighting Robot Society! We're a brand new society this year, based in the stem lab. Our society is based around any and all things robots, mainly fighting! The main premise we follow is the design, building and fighting of robots, starting from a simple idea on paper, all the way through to making the robot using 3D Pritining and machining, ending with fighting these creations against one another! We host both combat events (which involve gladiator matches, whiteboard matches etc) and non-combat events (which involve races, football, tug of war etc.) as chances to test your robots and work your way up the league to victory!

We also host many socials, trips and events on top of that!

Please look around our site, and use the links below to find our social media!

This site is currently under construction so please keep checking back for more information!