Who we are:

The Ghanaian Society here at Loughborough is all about bringing the culture and community of the Ghana to Loughborough. This not only means that we want to create a 'home away from home' for British and International Ghanaian students, but that we also aim to educate people and share our culture with anyone who is interested. 

Why you should join:

- The society is not exclusive to only Ghanaian students. We welcome students from all cultures and backgrounds.

- We host a variety of events throughout the year; ranging from fun/social nights to cultural workshops as well as careers events.

- As we also regularly host sports matches, you will get the opportunity to represent Ghanaian Society in sporting activities.

- It will be an opportunity to meet new people and possibly make lifelong friends.

- The committee will support you in terms of helping you settle in at the university or signposting you to the necessary services at the university.

- Membership is ONLY £5 for the entire year. As a member, you will either get free or discounted price for entry to our events. This means you will be saving money while immersing yourself into our events over the year.

Benefits of being a member (in collaboration with our sponsors)

  1. 10% discount at Sami’s Express (Afro-Caribbean grocery store) on orders £25 and over.

  2. 10% discount for online orders at Spicee Upp (ready made African meals).

  3. 10% discount at Slickx Unisex Salon at each visit.

  4. 20% discount at Heavenly Desserts

  5. 10% discount at the Bamboo Restaurant

Our presence on social media:

You can find us on various social media platforms. We regularly post updates on the society and our events as well as tips for being at University here in Loughborough so make sure to follow us.

Facebook -  LSUGhanaianSoc

Twitter:  LSUGhanaianSoc

Instagram:  LSUGhanaianSoc

Snapchat: @LSUGhanaianSoc

Email us at: