Gliding is a sport like no other, harnessing the natural power of the sun pilots seek out rising air to sustain their flight indefinitely. This energy source typically takes the form of thermals, columns of rising air travelling from the ground to typical heights of 5000ft; other sources of lift also exist allowing the intrepid explorer to reach heights of over 50,000ft! Don't be fooled into thinking gliding is slow and sedate, revolving around height gain; once a pilot has gained height they can turn it directly into speed. High performance gliders allow airspeeds in excess of 200mph and many pilots compete in cross country racing.

LSUGC can offer you the chance to gain first a solo qualification and then a full Light Aircraft or Sail plane Pilots Licence! 

Not only will we support you throughout your flying but we allow you to do this at rock bottom prices often only costing £300-400 to reach solo! We charge only £9.50 a launch at our home airfield in Saltby with all instruction FREE, on top of this we offer 3 for the price of 2 on all winch launches over the winter months!

We also own a University Glider which is a single-seater for competition use. This is available to all of our members who have attained a Solo rating and can also be used when taken to competitions.


How Do I Join?

Just log into and follow the link at the bottom of the page to purchase membership! Then visit to book your place on our next trip to the airfield! We arrange all transport and full details of what to expect can be found on our website.



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