Welcome to NHSF Loughborough 

What is NHSF?
NHSF (National Hindu Students Forum) is the largest Hindu student body in Europe, which aims to PROTECT, PRESERVE, PRACTICE and PROMOTE Hindu dharma amongst the Hindu student population.

Who are we (NHSF Loughborough)??
We are one of 48 NHSF chapters across the UK. Loughborough first became affiliated when it started out with only 8 members and has grown significantly resulting in over 120 members signing up last year! We are a student organisation run by and for Loughborough students.

Our Aims?
'Grounded in Tradition... Inching Towards Success.' 

Here at NHSF Loughborough, we use Hindu teachings and values to help us empower those in our community to carry out their responsibilities. We aspire to build the foundations for a strong and vibrant Hindu community in Loughborough by encouraging students to be proactive and get involved. We aim to fulfil the cultural, spiritual, educational and social needs of all our members through a wide range of on-campus, off-campus and national activities. “Sangathan main… shakti hain! (In unity… there is strength!)”

Why join NHSF Loughborough?
For many of us, NHSF Loughborough is more than just a university society. It has quickly become our home away from home. Through our vast range of events, you will meet a diversely cultural crowd of like-minded individuals as well as learn more about Dharma in a unique and engaging manner. We welcome and encourage anyone and everyone to join and we will be sure encompass everyone's passions & interests. Do you want to get more involved? Why not think about joining the committee and help drive NHSF Loughborough forward in the following years to come.

How to join?

  1. Log onto www.lsu.co.uk using your university username and password
  2. Follow the online instructions to join a society
  3. Select “Hindu Society (NHSF)”
  4. Follow the online instructions for membership
  5. Membership is annual and involves a small fee