Whether you're a returning student or you've just joined us at Loughborough, the Islamic Society is here to support you through your Lboro experience! We provide a close-knit community and a source of contact for muslims on campus. With events going on throughout the year, you'll never be bored!



  • We as the Islamic society aim to provide ‘A home away from home’ environment and community for all muslims and non-muslims who wish to take part

  • We provide Ramadan and Eid provisions every year to make sure that no muslims misses out on celebrations and to create a stronger community within Loughborough

  • We do charity events each year. In Ramadan 2018 we raised enough money to help build a mosque in the Philippines

  • We organise sports events for those interested as well as regular socials so make sure to keep up with our social media!

  • Each year we have a formal Annual Isoc Dinner, the biggest Isoc event of the year!



  • Membership means free access to all speaker events where tickets are required.

  • 50% off annual dinner ticket

  • Priority on all events

  • The more memberships we have, the more events we can put on

  • Additional discounts to events throughout the year



All our social media is linked below! We check and answer questions on our social media daily so please do not hesitate to ask questions you may have or to provide feedback whether positive or where we can improve!

Facebook: lsuislamicsociety

Instagram: lboroisoc

Snapchat: lboro_isoc

Twitter: @lsuisoc




Prayer room is in the Edward Herbert Building (EHB), upstairs in the culture and faith section. Wudhu areas for men and women are available.


Jummuah prayer usually takes in the Quorn Hall which is also in the Edward Herbert Building (EHB). it is located downstairs through the canteen.