LSU KPOP Society

Welcome to KPOP Society! We organise events and KPOP dance classes for those who are interested in KPOP and Korean Culture. You can take part in up to two KPOP dance classes per week and look forward to fun K-drama nights and Korean snack tasting!

Dance sessions:

Our dance sessions will be advertised in advanced and will have a range of difficulty levels. All are welcome to any dance class and we hope you can find the classes fun and challenging! We also aim to provide opportunities to perform in showcases and competitions within LSU and across other university KPOP Societies too!


Our aim as a society is to bring people with similar interests together to talk about those interests! Official socials will also be held online this year, with the aims of still enjoying K-drama nights (via Netflix parties) K-inspired quizzes, snack tasting and many more. We want to bring as many people together through the love of K-pop as we can with our socials, even if they happen to be virtual!

We are a new society, with this year being out first official year running at LSU. Last year we has some really successfully kpop taster sessions and socials, with the hope that this year we can keep on growing and improving! We are aiming to join national Dance competitions and make Kpop cover vidoes on YouTube!

Contact Info:

Follow us on @lsukpopsociety

Follow our FB page @lsukpopsoc

Members will be added to the FB Group for more events and schedules!!