Able to give guidance or advice to current / future students on how to get on with their university life to have the best university experience and check if things are going well. Also, notifications will be sent to each member 2-3 times a week about any events held by the university or local authorities.

Moreover, we can communicate with the university directly on our member's concerns and difficulties they are facing on and off-campus to improve their quality of university life.

We are planning to hold monthly dinner gatherings, including Christmas and New Year's parties at the local Korean restaurant in town called, Koja. However, if that's not possible due to the current pandemic situation, we are planning a monthly 'virtual' dinner gathering for those who wish to participate. Furthermore, most of our members wish to participate in the Korean Society Football squad. Once our society is officially recognised, we wish to make our own football squad and have weekly training to participate in numerous events such as Social league or Midlands Korean society Football competition. On top of that, during our training session, we can provide an elite level of training, led by the ex-trainer who worked with one of the teams in the K-League, for our members to improve their knowledge and skills in football.

We currently have a group chat and communicate frequently among our members. Also, we have created several small group chats for members with similar interests, such as gaming and readings. In that group chat, they organise small gatherings for themselves (in-person or virtually) to enjoy their common interests. Furthermore, we celebrate our member's birthday by giving them Korean foods or surprise birthday presents from our members (voluntary funding).