Krishna Consciousness

About us:

What makes you… you?

Have you ever had deeper thoughts about life? Or are you interested in the possibilities of spirituality – and how you can achieve your goals through gaining an insight into yourself? KCSOC (Krishna Consciousness Society) is all about exploring this dimension – and more! It may take you on a journey of self-discovery – whether that be of the mind, the body; or the soul. We are a community of open-minded students, run by students. We all have our own ideas, paths and philosophies, and KCSOC is a place for you to share and delve deeper into yours!

At KCSOC we make spirituality practical. We bring the Vedic wisdom of ancient India – through the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita - into modern day life, so we can learn to overcome the problems we face every day and grow to see our most difficult questions answered. The ancient texts teach us how to become free of our unconsciously created psychological burdens through meditation, mindfulness and self-enquiry. The purpose of Spirituality for us is about connecting with what is within us all, and sharing this experience with others. The society is a sacred space to attain the wisdom to lead a successful, and more importantly, happy lifestyle.

We have weekly guest-speaker events to explore issues ranging from thought-provoking questions such as “who am I?” and finding the secrets to happiness; to topics more applicable to students like tips on managing stress and how to get a first! We usually have weekly in-person events with delicious vegetarian food at the end of each talk (body is just as important to us as soul!); but we won’t be phased by the current pandemic! For the first semester this year our events will be hosted online via Google Meet to meet with government regulations. They will take place at 6:30pm every Thursday. You will need a Google account to join via the app on a phone, but joining by web browser can be done without an account.

But it doesn’t end there! We have a whole range of great activities you can take part in to make the most of the society. We organise life-changing events, enlightening seminars, refreshing retreats, discussion groups, and courses throughout the year. These can take place in some of the most stunning and peaceful spiritual destinations across the country and the world (social distancing rules permitting), such as Bhaktivedanta Manor in Watford.

Stand out, and find yourself. Take the first step on the journey, sign up and be part of something amazing! We’d love to have you as part of our society.

Hare Krishna!


Our Achievements:

·         Ran countless talks which have inspired, questioned and stirred listeners.

·         Organised numerous national retreats, where we have given hundreds of young people the ultimate spiritual student experience.

·         Formed a unique community of curious, deep-thinking and open-minded students, becoming Loughborough’s go-to on-campus spiritual experience.

·         Explored invaluable insights in meditation, philosophy, and spiritual evolution.


Meet the Committee:

Tilak Bhavsar – Chair

Deep Parmar – Treasurer

Niyati Vyas – Secretary

Priyan Patel – Sports Sec

Krupa Raikundalia – Ambassador


How to Get Involved:

Hit the ‘join’ button and also feel free to register your interest! Signing up is really easy and only takes five minutes – just enter in your details and pay the small joining fee, and you’re in! This year the first semester will be free and the second semester will cost £3.00. We encourage any questions you may have: please drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram and we will reply as soon as we can.

We will aim to contact you soon after receipt of your details.

For more information follow us on Instagram: @kcsoclboro and Facebook:, and look out for our latest upcoming events!