LSU British Red Cross

Welcome to British Red Cross on Campus!

Join the national network of British Red Cross volunteers in helping people in a crisis worldwide, straight from our Loughborough campus. We welcome any students studying any subjects. There is something for everyone!

Through our amazing opportunities, we aim to equip you with the skills, knowledge and experience that will allow you to effectively contribute to the work of the British Red Cross, but also enhance yourself by boosting your CV when pursuing internships and careers.


Some of this year’s opportunities include:

  • ·        First Aid: Workshops led by British Red Cross representatives to offer you official training.
  • ·        Soup Kitchen: Support the Loughborough community by providing food for the homeless.
  • ·        Support Tents: Work as a team outside the Student Union to support anyone in need of help.
  • ·        Other: Help out at Loughborough campus events such as the Winter Showcase.

But also, let’s not forget our awesome social events and nights out to connect as a team!


What being part of this society can offer you:

  • ·        Enhance your CV and allow you to learn new skills
  • ·        Employers will recognize the value as BRC is a worldwide known charity
  • ·        Join a network of like-minded people and make new friends
  • ·        Be apart of a global movement which helps connect human kindness with human crisis


Find us on Facebook and Instagram for more information and to keep updated with what we do!

Standard membership is £3.00