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About Us


We are Loughborough Student Union’s Video Game Society, one of the largest societies in the University, who welcome anyone interested in games, consoles, esports, anything and everything to do with gaming! We organise a good mix of both gaming and social events throughout the year including:

Tournaments outside of our LAN events including Smash tourneys and more competitive inter-university tournaments split into Winter, Spring and Summer splits organised by tournament providers like the NUEL and NSE.


Games Nights on our Discord server, regularly playing games chosen by the community. No sign-ups needed - just join in whenever you feel like it!


Even during COVID, we are all working hard towards bringing you the same events over the course of the year in a safe way following government guidelines.


In past years, we ran regular in-person events including:


LANs are one of the highlights of our society, they are some of the largest student-run events during the year. Spanning an enormous 3-day period, we’ve been compared to a student-run insomnia event, offering facilities to bring along your own hardware and stay for the full event. In conjunction with other societies such as Tabletop Games we run a plethora of events over the weekend. 


Pub ‘n’ Grub, our weekly adventure to the local Spoons right in the heart of Loughborough Town, featuring witty banter and tasty meals. 


IRL Community events, ranging from cinema trips, LaserQuest events, our annual christmas dinner and much more.



Interested in Esports or just winning some prizes for games you love to play? We participate in two main inter-university championships both semesters from NUEL and NSE - in a bunch of game titles including LoL, CSGO, Smash Ultimate, etc. We also organise PUGs, casual gaming nights, viewing parties and mini tournaments at LAN.



If you have any questions please email