LU Crossfit

Welcome to the LU Crossfit Society!

CrossFit is for all people of all abilities and is a great way to get stronger, fitter, make friends and even compete against others.

CrossFit is based around three principal areas: weightlifting, athletics and gymnastics. All of which are scalable to allow anyone to participate and progress.
The nature of CrossFit makes it a great platform for any athlete looking to improve their current performance, and anybody looking to improve their health and fitness. 
CrossFit allows this to be done in the most efficient way possible, by combining programming and coaching from professionals, along with a friendly and engaging community of like-minded students.

As a society with your membership we offer: 4 x 2 hour technical skill sessions, completely free with your society membership, free weekly fun classes in and outside the box, regular socials to get to know the CF community, inter-box competitions with other universities such as Birmingham and Leeds and much more!!

If you are already a keen CrossFit goer the society is a perfect way for you to interact with current members and get involved with the fun socials and straight into training. For newbies wanting to get into CrossFit we have the most amazing community of members of ALL abilities and happily welcome anyone who has an interest in keeping fit and more importantly having FUN.

My name is James McGladdery and I am the CrossFit Society Chairman along with Olly Larcombe the Treasurer, James Ealden the vice chair, Olivia Garrod the Media Sectretary and Alex Bakker the Social Secretary. Together, we hope to offer you an amazing society experience and can assure you from our own experience that some of our best friends and funniest times were made and experienced through CrossFit Loughborough and the Society!

Hope to be meeting you soon for the first welcome social!!

For mmore information on the committee and coaches click below: