Landscape and Gardening

Hi guys! LAGS is simply about Landscaping and Gardening! You will learn planting skills from master gardeners and most important socialising with open/likeminded students every Friday afternoon!








LAGS is Loughborough Students Landscaping and Gardening Society, been active in the student garden just behind EHB and next to the Bridgeman Building at Car Park 5 since 2010, converting a compacted grassed land to a beautiful sustainable garden that has flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits. With the mentors’ guidance and other friendly volunteer gardening experts, student members learn the skills of gardening and how to use the produce for cooking and preserving. LAGS contributes positively to the university environment. LAGS proudly having two master gardener volunteers with many years of experience in gardening who encourages student members towards sustainability and taking care of the environment by growing plants that are beneficial for the ecosystem, attracting bees, butterflies and beneficial bugs as well as making the winter bug hotel from pallets. The garden is not using any pesticides and is fully organic. Moreover, the garden is doing its own composting by collecting leaves and other organic matter from the garden in addition to collecting coffee grounds from nearby EHB for use in the garden beds and in general use sustainable or recycled resources.



LAGS members are open minded and social people from all around the world, but all share the same passion for gardening, loving the green and appreciating the nature so you will have the chance to engage in discussions about gardening and planting, group activities and socialising among each other in the quiet and relaxing environment. The garden is a great place for students to relax on Friday afternoon from 2-5pm (all year round even during long holidays) after a busy week of study, especially for those who enjoy good and welcoming company. At the end of gardening activities, students usually share a cup of tea or soup and treats (cakes, bread, jams and jellies) made by fellow students and volunteers, mostly from our own produce. Learning to grow food and processing and sharing it are among the main aims of the group and LAGS has workshops on chutney and soup making to demonstrate how the produce can be used as well as workshops on herb and houseplant propagation and always planning parties such as Halloween, Christmas and Chinese New Year using food that members have grown themselves. LAGS has occasional activities with the university sustainability team such as the Fruit Route Harvest festival and monthly receives school children for learning workshops.










LAGS has proudly won the East Midlands in Bloom ‘It’s Neighbourhood Award’ (Level 5 – Outstanding) award from the Royal Horticultural Society for the fifth consecutive year for its community participation, environmental responsibility and gardening achievement. The Bloom assessor highlighted the following on the award certificate: “Students who attend the society will learn not only gardening skills but more importantly life skills too passed on by this dedicated group of people.”      




Excited! Please do join us, sign up for membership and join our facebook group Landscaping and Gardening Society to keep up to date with all activities and events!