Loughborough Feminist


In 2015, three women got together and decided it was time for a society that gave women and all those who believe in gender equality a place at Loughborough.

And so FemSoc was born!!

Whether you march or just want to have an interesting discussion with new friends, FemSoc is THE place for YOU!! 

No need to know all the lingo, we aim to create a calm environment for education and action, whether you can quote Gloria Steinem or simply have an opinion on equality.

We offer discussionssocialsguest speakers and a chance to meet like-minded individuals while hopefully learning something new.


Some of our plans for this year include:

-   Virtual movie nights, quiz nights, and bingo nights.

-   Online discussions and drinks.

-   Cocktail and mocktail evenings in town, with ice breakers and quickfire rounds of questions to make friends easily and anxiety-free.

-   Picnics and BBQ’s. 

-   Discussions within our society and collaborating with other societies, discussing topics such as the Black Lives Matter Movement, trans-rights, feminism and sexual assault on campus, intersectionality and so many more topics!

-   Christmas and end of term meals.


All our events 2020-2021 will be nut-free and all will have vegan and vegetarian snack and food options. Snacks and drinks are provided free at all of our events.


All our events will align with the Government’s Covid-19 guidelines and requirements, and we will do everything possible to keep our members safe.


Membership costs £5 for the year, and covers the costs of running events, providing PPE to committee and members, providing snacks and drinks, guest speakers, and subsidising the cost of meals/drinks/evenings out and all other social-related costs. 



Where can you find Loughborough’s Feminist Society?

Facebook Page: @lsufemsoc

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LSUFemSoc

Instagram: @lsufemsoc

WhatsApp: https://cutt.ly/Bd9RrBW

Messenger: m.me/lsufemsoc


Need to speak to a member of our committee? 

Email our Chair, Ellen – E.H.Carter-18@lboro.ac.uk