Loughborough Feminist


In 2015, three women got together and decided it was time for a society that gave women and all those who believe in gender equality a place at Loughborough.

And so Femsoc was born!!

Whether you march or just wanna have an interesting discussion with new friends, Femsoc is THE place for YOU!! 

No need to know all the lingo, we aim to create a calm enviroment for education and action, whether you can quote Gloria Steinen or simply have an opinion on equality.

We offer discussionssocialsguest speakers and a chance to meet like minded individuals while hopefully learning something new.

We are regenerating the society this year, with new plans and reach.

Some of our plans for this year include:

  • Guest Speakers Laura Coryton and Amika George 
  • Collaborations with Design Society and Cook n Bake
  • Discussions and informative sessions on all feminist topics
  • Gender Pay Gap Event
  • Galentines Day