Loughborough Finance and Investment

Loughborough Finance and Investment Society

The Loughborough Finance and Investment Society (LFIS) is the largest society on campus, with an active membership base of over 200 students and an enormous network of alumni. The LFIS is a professional and established student organization that is known to be one of the most compelling and intriguing financial societies in the UK.

Our Mission

At the LFIS, we provide Loughborough students with the necessary opportunities, experiences, and skills for a successful career in financial and professional services. Our core values of Accessibility, Excellence, and Impact are at the heart of each competition, guest speaking, and social event. Assisting our members in securing their dream career is our mission.

Why Join LFIS?

We organise exciting and exclusive events which aim to engage all members. The society offers a variety of events throughout the year, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Educational Events: Corporate presentations, Discussion Panels, and Workshops.
  • Competitions: Equity Research Competition, Investing Competition, and Inter-University Finance Competition.
  • Networking Events: Networking Events with Industry Professionals.
  • Social Events: Themed nights out, cocktail/ punch parties and charity events.


We have 4 different divisions that each specialise in a unique area of corporate finance. These Divisions are:

  • Investment Banking
  • Private Equity
  •  Equity Research
  •  LFIS Fund

However, our events, competitions and networking sessions are not just limited to these areas of finance, we host an array of non-corporate finance related events for those who are not interested in the LFIS divisions.


The LFIS is open to all students enrolled at the university, no matter what background. The LFIS thoroughly respect and promote the involvement of women within the financial sector. We are working in conjunction with Loughborough Females in Finance who encourage active engagement of our female membership, helping us to provide diverse events throughout the academic year.


Your Committee 2021/2022

Chair - Jack Brannan

Vice Chair - Max Marson

Vice Chair/Treasurer - Jacob Phillips

Social Secretary - Alex Fazel & Stefan Apostol

Media & Marketing Officer - Hayden Gell

Investment Banking Division – Ismael Nadire

Private Equity Division – Paarth Gupta


Equity Research Division – Josh Thompson