Loughborough Space

Hey! We are Loughborough Space, a group of students interested in any and all things Space.


What we do:

Hybrid Rocket Engine – Get involved in creating a hybrid rocket engine, the Chimera, using cryogenic propellants and generating a supersonic exhaust!


Conex Research

Conex stands for Conceptual Exploration and is a young research organisation, started in April 2020. The goal is to produce mission proposals for different space related topics.


Astronomy – We own three telescopes (worth over £1500!) allowing our members to get some amazing shots of the moon and night sky.


STEM Outreach – We work with both the University and LSU Action projects to get more young people involved in STEM, including through our nationally recognised ‘Rocket in a Box’ resource.


Space Lectures – We host lectures from a range of industry and academic leaders, free to our members!


Trips, film nights, socials – Work hard, play hard! We plan plenty of fun socials and events for our members to get involved in, COVID secure of course!


Check out our website for more information and the latest updates: https://lboro.space


You can also follow us on our Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or even LinkedIn!