Malaysian and Singapore



The Loughborough Student Union Malaysian & Singaporean Society, LSUMSS is a culture society made up of mainly Malaysians and Singaporeans studying here at Loughborough University. We welcome anyone to join us and take part in our events, regardless of background!

The society organises and attends a variety of events every year, ranging from trips to nearby towns like Nottingham & Leicester to attending talks by renowned public speakers. Every year, we take part in sports tournaments held at other universities such as the Nottingham Malaysian/Singaporean Games and Warwick Malaysian Games. We also take advantage of the first-class sports facilities provided here at Loughborough University by having weekly badminton and football sessions.

The society also takes part in International Day as well to promote our uniquely diverse culture and heritage. There is also the opportunity to taste our local delicacies which will put your taste pallets to the test!

Ultimately, our goal would be to build an inclusive society that not only has fun together but is also a form of support for each other in tough times, no matter what country we’re from.

You can find out more about us on our Facebook page and website, or if you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to email us!




LSUMSS Committee 2019/2020:

Chairman : Simon Lim
Vice-Chair : Ang Kai Chin
Secretary :  Loke Xuan You
Treasurer : Duane Leong
Welfare : Pearline
Social : Adam Zafri
Sports : Ulysses
Sports : Vanessa Lee
Media : Yuxin Tang