Motor Club

Motor Club

Welcome to the home of Loughborough Students' Union Motor Club!


Have you ever wanted to know more about how your car or motorbike works and how to have some more fun in it? Then join the Motor Club- we can show you all you need to know about it and help you save some pennies when things go squeak!

Whatever car or bike you own, or even if you don't own one it doesn’t matter. We accommodate all shapes and sizes. If you want to get your hands dirty, learn a few new things and meet like-minded enthusiasts, this is the club for you. 

By joining the Motor club you will have access to the club garages, tools and compound also you will be eligible for a Halford's trade card giving you large discounts on a variety of items.

The garages are open at least weekly with plenty of projects to get involved in, so you can bring your own car or bike down or work on the club project cars.

This year we are running a variety of workshops from learning to service your vehicle to learning how to weld. Any issues with your vehicle can be sorted down at the club which can save you lots of money in garage fees and improve your knowledge.

As well as all the practical knowledge you can gain you will also become part of a supportive community with regular socials and discounted events. We also organise regular ride-outs throughout the year for the bikers, making use of the many country lanes around Loughborough.

This year we're pleased to be working with Loughborough Car Club again. Through being a member of LSUMC, we've been invited to take part in competitive rally and autotest motorsport events at Loughborough Car Club. You can get involved if you have a car or not as there are always people looking for navigators and you can passenger, marshal, take pictures or sometimes drive other members' cars.

The club has a wide range of tools and equipment, including a MIG welder, air compressor, hydraulic press, and 2 car trailers.  Another benefit of membership is the contacts and expertise you will have access to.  Many members have worked as mechanics and have contacts in garages and scrapyards and will give plenty of advice. A few members are handy with the welder and can save you money on repairs.

As well as our weekly social aspect down at Spoons, we also go on a variety of trips ranging from going to see local car shows all the way to spending a week away at the world-famous Nürburgring Nordschleife track, as shown in the video below documenting the Summer 2016 trip!

If you have any queries email