Hey everyone!

We are PENSA Loughborough, a campus ministry.

PENSA stands for Pentecost Student and Associates, and is also known as 'The Messengers Movement.'


Our primary aim is to make known the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in our community.

but it doesn't end there - 

Ultimately we build each other up and hold on another accountable as we meet regularly ( currently on zoom.)


Regardless of the name, PENSA is for everyone (:


So feel free to reach out and if you have any questions, email us:


P.s. we are now on the SOCIETY app- ( it's free!)

If you want to keep up with all our sessions register with your university email and directly sign up for all our events - you will find the direct link to our virtual meetings on there.


Do check out our 'Loughborough PENSA 2020/2021' Youtube video for extra details.