Sri Lankan
Welcome to the Official Page of the Loughborough University Sri Lanka Society!
Our core aim is to bring together all the Sri Lankan students and everyone interested in the vibrant Sri Lankan culture and spread awareness about the heritage of Sri Lanka.
Besides inculcating within us an appreciation and deeper understanding of each other's culture, it also enlightens others on our unique mix of culture, giving them a taste as to the values instilled in us by our Motherland - what it means to be Sri Lankan.
Throughout the year, the society will organise various events in the United Kingdom as well as back home in Sri Lanka by bringing together a blend of traditional Sri Lankan activities with modern university life.
Events would include:
• Socials
• Kotthu Nights
• Screening of Cricket Matches
• Participation in Friendly Cricket Matches
• Participation in Social League Football and Basketball
• Collaborative Events with the Sri Lankan Societies of other Universities