Surf Club

Welcome to Loughborough Surf Club! (2018-2019)


LSU Surf is a welcoming club of like-minded people who like Surf, Sea, Sun, and Socialising

Here are just a few good reasons why joining LSU Surf is a no-brainer:

  • Amazing socials throughout the year from wavy punch parties to sober activities including BBQs, bouldering, and jump giants!
  • Insane trips around the UK to get away from work for the weekend and enjoy the waves!
  • Twice termly weekend trips to UK surf spots
  • This year we plan to do three warm water trips  - Fuerteventura at Christmas, Portugal at Easter and North of Spain at the beginning of summer.
  • An awesome trip to the wave garden in Snowdonia (Surf Snowdonia) and Lost Cove festival!
  • Whether you want to improve your technique, try out surfing for the first time, or just be a beach bum then we're the society for you!

Potential Questions you might want to know about surf,

Q- "Are you all like pro's or something crazy like that?"
A- "uhh... no, although there are a few more advanced members, most members have only just started out surfing and may have started with us or on an extravagant gap year or maybe did it just once in the distant past. Whatever your level and requirement, we cater for and lessons will be given on each trip to ensure you come out better than you went in."

Q- "A surf club in the middle of the UK? ...Really? Isn't it really far to the coast?"
A- "You'll be surprised, put on a wicked playlist and the journey fly's by! Besides, we need some way to get our rejuvenating fix from surfing!"

Q- "Do you have to own everything beforehand?"
A- "No, we have a number of club wetsuits and we hire what excess we need from local rentals supporting the local economy. Those that do own wetsuits and even board are welcome to bring them and we'll facilitate the transport to the location we're headed."

Any further questions not already answered can be forwarded to a committee member via facebook or our chair, Gabriel, and he will answer them as best as he can.

Facebook: Gabou dlg





NOTE: If you are a student then Standard Membership is the one you want!