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Welcome to Tamil Society

Welcome to Loughborough University's Tamil Society! It's one of the best universities in the country and we hope to make Loughborough Tamil Society one of the finest and memorable times of your university experience. Loughborough Tamil Society aims to nurture a growing togetherness among those who want to learn and understand the Tamil history, culture and traditions.

As a society, we aim to provide a platform for you to get to know the culture, language and history, from various perspectives. We provide a ‘home away from home’ environment and drive to provide various ways in which we can benefit and support you at university. This includes allowing an opportunity for you to voice any issues or concerns you may have, supported through other organisations that we work with.

Our events this year include movie night, laser tag, Christmas dinner, commemerating Maaveerar Naal (remembrance day), gaana sessions, and many more. We will also be hosting our main night out of the year, Aura, and will be making it easier for you to attend various other Tamil university night out events.  We also hold sports matches with other Loughborough uni societies over the year, as well as competing with Tamil societies from other universities. We aim to make you feel as much at home as possible by bringing us all together and making your uni experience much better!



President: Preeti Mahenthran

Treasurer: Saahithya Sakthisadacharam

Secretary: Nishanth Selvakumar

Vice President: Mario Antonlenin

Social Sec: Santhoshan Krishnakumar & Vithurshan Canathas

Media Sec:  Vithusha Nesan & Vithurshan Canathas

Sports Sec: Niroshan Santhakumar

Gaana Sec: Abisha Jeevarajan


No elections are currently running


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Like our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LoughboroughTamilSociety/
Snapchat: luff.tsoc