Train & Gain


What is Train & Gain?

  • Train & Gain’ is Loughborough Student’s Union’s first ever all female fitness and wellbeing society, which won LSU’s BEST NEW SOCIETY 2020 award. 
  • We currently offer a group core activity of a weekly exercises class, open to all abilities and backgrounds. 
  • On top of this, we plan to host a mixture of fitness & well-being workshops, q&a’s, socials, charity events, & lots more events throughout the year.
  • The society is named “Train and Gain” as it aims to unite and encourage girls who have an interest for fitness to become more active by training and gaining together in all aspects of life. The society is aimed at those who want to get more into fitness and become more active or who already lift, but who seek more guidance, enjoyment and friends from it.
  • A key aim of the society will be to empower other women and give them the opportunity to build lasting friendships and enjoy a less intimidating gym and university experience, in a safe and supportive all female environment.
  • The society is all about going beyond just the gym and building a well-connected community of like-minded women who are able to share a common interest in fitness and who can help each other to overcome a common fear of judgement and gym anxiety.
  • Train & Gain also aims to host “How to” weightlifting workshops to work on form and to increase confidence in a safe environment where internal self-doubt can be overcome. There are also plans to hopefully host wellbeing workshops, and guest speaker talks centred around body confidence and mindfulness, the importance of health and mental wellbeing over physical aesthetics.

Benefits of choosing ‘Train & Gain’ as your family?

  • Opportunity to partake in free high intensity interval training (HIIT) and resistance band training from a Qualified Level 2 Gym based Fitness Instructor.
  • Increase your activity levels, self-confidence, endorphins, positivity & self-care.
  • Reduce stress & negative self-talk.
  • To widen your social circle and to reinforce that there is and should be a place for everyone at Loughborough University regardless of your fitness background or ability.
  • Have access to a supportive community of like-minded and relatable girls where you can share your fitness and university experiences with and attend social events throughout the year with.
  • Potential to book onto future lifting workshops, guest speaker talks and workshops which we will organise and host.
  • It will give you an opportunity to meet new people with a similar interest who otherwise you wouldn’t normally just bump into or meet.
  • You DON’T even need a gym membership or have to have a specific gym membership to join!!!


Taster Sessions:



Regular Session Times:

Sessions were previously held every Sunday evenings between 6-8pm at William Morris Dance Studios. A new class schedule is still to be confirmed for semester 1 so for all updates about classes & news please join our socials. 


We are committed to providing quality teaching to the best of our ability while maintaining a really welcoming, encouraging & friendly atmosphere where all our girls feel at ease training with each other.


Updated information on each session, booking availability and sign-ups will be available in advance on our Facebook group as due to only just starting up these are flexible to change around dependent on instructors availability. Dependent on room availability & government guidance our classes will be capped due to Health & Safety reasons. These sessions will be on a first come first serve basis which will be bookable in advance via the Facebook group so make sure you are following us on all of our socials so you don’t miss out!


Sessions will be led by our Amazing fitness instructor & very own Vice Chair Amy. Any exercises performed will always have a beginners version and a more challenging one so people can tailor the class to their own ability.

*******As we grow we are actively looking for more fitness instructors so please do get in touch with us if you are qualified and interested!******


Membership Information:


Up to date details of membership and sign up links will be on our Facebook group and we will strive to ensure as many of you are notified in advance of when the memberships will go live so it is done on the fairest basis.


Contact Information:

Instagram: @lsu_trainandgain

Facebook Group: LSU Train and Gain


LSU Train & Gain Committee:

Chair – Holly Heaton

Vice Chair – Amy Heaton

Treasurer – Taylor Norris

Media – Iveta Navickaite

Social Sec – Hazel Shanley 

Social Sec - Nancy Stapleton

Stash - Sarah Lowe 


LSU Train & Gain Fitness Instructors:

Amy Heaton

Eliska Krocova


COVID & Freshers 2020 Update: 


We are currently still finalising our Freshers & Semester 1 2020 plans to ensure we can provide you with the best experience, in line with government guidelines. Our health and safety of our community is always of number one priority to us. As a result, at the moment we are planning on delivering a number of virtual classes & socials which still allow you to make new & lasting memories, friends & have a community to turn to during these unprecedented times. Face to face delivery is now scheduled to still happen during Semester 1 but is subject to final approval from Health & Safety & upcoming government announcements . To ensure an optimal experience is delivered we plan to host a combination of face to face & online activities. Please follow us on insta to keep up with the latest updates! 


If you have any further questions please contact the committee.

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