Acts 29

Acts 29 is a society as part of the LSU and the representative group of the Junction Church at Loughborough University.


Acts 29 is an upbeat, vibrant and fresh society passionate about pointing people to the love of Jesus! We firmly believe that no matter who we are or where we come from, life is done better together.


So hey! If you’re looking for a great community... you just found it! We have loads of midweek events and hangouts which you’d be so welcome to connect into!!



·        We are passionate about encouragement – We want to champion you and see you have the best uni experience!


·        We are passionate about joy – Where there is Jesus there is joy, and lots of it. We make it a priority to have a GREAT time!


·        We are passionate about community – We are ONE BIG FAMILY and would love to have you as part of our community!


·        We are passionate about faith – We believe in the word of God, and our joy would be to see YOU flourish in your relationship with Jesus!


Here’s what’s going on…




Looking for a church? Look no further. The Junction Church is a lively, passionate, multi-national church with over 50 nations represented and 100’s who call this church their home. This church is absolutely bursting with student life!!


You can find all the info for our services HERE. Come and join us this Sunday!


Want to get a feel for what it’s like? Check out one of our online services HERE.




Zoom calls have never been so good!


Chill with us EVERY MONDAY NIGHT for games, fun and a load of laughs in our brilliant student community!


These hangouts are always too much fun and are sure to brighten up your week!


Send us a DM on our Facebook page, ACTS 29 UK to get involved!




A brilliant way to get connected is to join a life group.


This is a great way to make friends and grow your faith. From games and chills, to opportunities for prayer, and chats about faith and life, we reckon getting along to life group is one of the best decisions you can make!!


Also, if you are new to faith or merely interested these are a fantastic forum to ask questions and catch our heart!


We meet online, every Thursday evening on ZOOM! You would be SO WELCOME to join us!


Send us a DM on our Facebook page, ACTS 29 UK to get involved!




Make sure you check us out on our Facebook page, ACTS 29 UK.


We love you and are FOR you! The ultimate university experience starts now!