Societies Committee Zone

Welcome to the Societies Committee Zone

Here, we've got all the documents you could possibly need, and some you possibly don't:


Essential Docs

Much like the Waitrose essential range, we've selected only the most useful of documents in one handy place to keep your Society running smoothly


Room Bookings:

Follow the link to book a room to do whatever you want with! Well, as long as it's covered in the risk assessment.

Meeting Minutes:

From 30 mins to 2 hours, we've got all the minutes from our meetings to keep you in the loop. 

Terms and Conditions:

All the important stuff. The stuff you don't normally read but probably should. 


There's a lot we offer and sometimes it can be hard to get your head around which bits are for you - so we made this handy guide.

Social Sport:

It's meant to be for fun, but we all know it's about who takes home the trophy. Sign up your team now.