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Welcome to Engineers Without Borders Loughborough University!

"Engineers Without Borders UK leads a movement that inspires, enables and influences global responsibility through engineering. We bring people, ideas, and engineering together to respond to the complex challenges that we face as a global community.  We do this by working at all levels of education to inspire more people to become engineers by challenging their perception of what engineering is.  We support partner organizations around the world by adding to their engineering capacity with trained personnel and we lead a growing social movement who are rejecting the status quo and demanding change in the engineering community."

Engineers Without Borders Loughborough University is a member group of Engineers Without Borders UK.

As a society over the next year we're going to be focusing mainly on;

1. Training

This is any event or activity where the members benefit most. Ranging from CV workshops to inspiring taks from industry professionals and academics. These are events that will boost your skills and knowledge, help you make connections and will look very good on your CV.

2. Community support & Outreach

This involves promoting engineering, raising international development issues and running fun interactive workshops in schools.

3. Projects

Last year 5 multidisciplinary projects were carried out, each of them tackled a different aspect of sustainability. Here's a quick look:

  • eCook with CREST – A project aiming to develop a clean cooking method. The design is based around a solar powered pressure cooker that could be used in third world countries.
  • Recycling Robots – This research-based project looked into using robots to separate recycling to improve the efficiency of recycling processes.  

  • Pizza Post-box – It was identified at one of our events, that the university doesn’t have a process in place for recycling pizza boxes, as they didn’t fit compactly into our current waste bins. With the university having its own pizza shop on campus and pizza being one of the most favoured student foods a project was started to create a “pizza post-box” which would be placed in the library and other convenient locations. 

  • 3D printing and recycling – We firstly investigated how we can improve the process of producing filament from recycled plastic, which we also aim to continue next year. Additionally, we explored how we can improve the accessibility and use of 3D printing in third world countries, in which we designed a multilayer modular water filter.  

  • Food Waste – A social project with the aim of raising awareness of the food wasted around campus and what can be done to reduce it. The project delivered a media campaign to the catered halls which will hopefully reduce the 16 tonnes of food wasted every year.  

4. Designathon

One of our most popular events from last year, the designathon, is a 12-hour event where multidisciplinary teams are challenged to design, prototype and present a solution to a brief based on various city-wide problems. At the end of the day, the teams had to pitch their ideas in front of an inspiring judge panel and the winners where selected!

Who should join EWB Lboro?

Anyone who is interested in engineering, international development, technology or just wants to try something new!

Keep an eye out on this page and our social media for upcoming events, workshops, and socials!

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