LSU Classical


We are the home of the University’s only orchestra and concert band and one of the biggest musical communities on campus. We perform several times a year at events in and outside of the university, the highlight being our own annual spring concert. We play a variety of music ranging from traditional classical pieces to the most popular evergreens.

The society was founded back in 2015 and has expanded ever since, the latest addition being our own concert band. The orchestra had over 50 members in the last academic year, and our annual themed concerts sell out regularly. The last one, “A Journey through Time”, is also available on YouTube:

As well as our weekly rehearsals we host a range of socials events, from pizza nights to seeing concerts in other cities, making us not only a music playing society, but also a great community to be a part of. Interested? Follow our Facebook page (, attend one of our taster sessions during Freshers week or come to our rehearsals in the Cope Auditorium on Wednesdays at 7pm (Orchestra) and Fridays at 6:30pm (Concert Band). We look forward to meeting you!






Chair – Aidan Rainbird-Earley
Hi everyone,  I’m Aidan and I'm delighted to be the Chair of LSU Classical this year! I play the cello and on the side, I'm studying for my final year Systems Engineering.  We've got a really exciting year planned and we hope you'll be a part of it. Please feel free to ask me or anyone else on our committee any questions about the society.

Vice-Chair – Andrew Wilson
Hi everyone,  I'm Andrew and I will be your Vice Chair this year. I play the Flute and am a second year Mechanical Engineering student. I will be second in command to Aidan, covering the whole society over a range of responsibilities. I'm excited for everything we've got in store for you this year and I'm really looking forward to getting to know everyone!

Treasurer – Matt Cuff
Hey all! My name's Matt, I'm a clarinet player and second year Chem Eng student. I'll be Treasurer next year so any money queries come straight to me!

Secretary – Lea Fritz
Hi all! I’m Lea, a second-year Natural Sciences student. I play the flute and am your Secretary this year. My responsibilities are some of the admin work and also refreshments during rehearsals. Feel free to ask me any questions relating to that or the society in general:)

Music Coordinator Orchestra - Alastair Thorn
Hi everyone! My name is Alastair, but you can call me Al. A violinist and third year Chemical Engineering student. I'm one of the Music Coordinators for the orchestra, you can come to me with any questions about printed music or programming.

Music Coordinator Concert Band – Stephen Miller
Hey guys,  I'm Stephen and am in my second year of studying Maths. I play the trombone and will be one of the Music Coordinators this year. I will be primarily sorting concert band music so feel free to ask any questions relating to that!:)

Social Sec – Pablo Carrion
Hi guys, I'm Pablo, I play the bassoon and I am in my second year of Manufacturing Engineering. I'll be your Social Sec this year, so if you have any questions regarding socials feel free to ask!

Concert Band Leader – Isaac Macleod
Hey guys,  I’m Isaac and I’m the Concert Band Leader this year. I play the euphonium and I am currently in my second year studying Materials Science and Engineering. Ask me anything you want about the concert band or the society as a whole.

Media Rep – Ciara O'Driscoll
Hi, I’m Ciara your Media Secretary for this year. I’m a flautist and a first-year Graphic Communication and Illustration student. You can come to me with any queries regarding the website, stash and social media accounts.