Medieval History

LSU Medieval Society

*The Living History Society is currently undergoing a rebranding to the "LSU Medieval Society". Both names will be in use until the rebranding process is complete.

Welcome! We are a 12th century historical re-enactment group, aiming to recreate the high medieval period in every way imaginable. From hand-crafting authentic equipment to taking castles in an unscripted, free-flowing melee: The Medieval Society does it all! 

We focus on re-enacting parts of English history between the 12th-13th century, from the Anarchy of Stephen and Matilda, through the reign and rebellions of Henry II, right up to Richard the Lionheart, John Lackland and the Magna Carta.

This includes fighting in organised ranks and crafting historically accurate items to portray the events which unfolded. Our displays range from smithing to embroidery and anyone willing to learn something new can be taught how to make their own combat gear to be used in battle, or clothing that can be used on the encampment.


Our year has two parts. From October to May, we hold training and craft sessions to hone our skills and ensure our kit is in peak condition. During the summer months, we travel to shows at castles and historic sites across the country, usually spending a weekend together and showcasing our crafts and combat to the general public with an affiliate nationwide organisation of 600+ members.



To find out more about what we do, you can visit our Combat and Crafts pages, or join us on Facebook at LSU Medieval Society if you have any more questions.

We hold combat and crafting sessions weekly, which you can find on our Get Involved page. With a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, training and kit sessions quickly turn into weekly socials. If you’re interested, come along and we'd be happy to welcome you.




And the rest...

This is more than just a sword-fighting group, and every session is guaranteed to be finished off with a trip to the pub to blow off steam. We're a friendly, approachable bunch who will see you eating & drinking like a true Norman warrior in no time!

Think this could be the society for you? Check us out on Facebook, or just drop down one weekend for a trial session (though if you do, please give us a few days warning so we can accommodate you). Membership is £5 for the year, so why not join up and prepare yourself for a year of clashing steel, furious needles and overall good time with a great bunch of people.