Welcome to LSU PhotoSoc!

Want to take better pictures? Try out something new? Flex your creative flair?

We are LSU PHOTO SOC - the society for creative photography at Loughborough University. 

We welcome photographers of any skill level, aiming to provide you with opportunities to try new types of photography and experiment with your creativity, all in a relaxed, social environment. 

Most importantly, you don't need to be a pro to join Photosoc! Throughout the year you'll have a chance to discover new skills such as using studio equipment, photo editing and specialised photography such as astrophotography, with society equipment avaliable for use during events. We also do a range of collaborations with other societies, so grab a mebership & join our facebook group to keep up with the latest!

Who Can You Ask For Help? 

Contact us at with any general questions you may have,

join our facebook group, or find the committee on Instagram!


Dávid Gráf

Grace Tripp

Get Involved!


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and chat to our members about what it's like to be involved.
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We also post current events onto instagram and feature member photography!
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How do i Join the Society?

It is very easy to join the Photosoc and get involved in all our activities, just simply click the buttom below to grab a membership, then go follow our social media and join the group to get all the latest (we do emails too). All memberships also require a membership of the societies section, which you can add at checkout.

If you have any trouble signing up please get in touch with one of our committee members who will be more than happy to help