Your Sound

Yoursound is Loughborough’s newest music society, nurturing and platforming music of all levels!

You don't have to be a musician to join! All you need is a passion for music :)

We'll be hosting a range of virtual events such as Jam Sessions, Live Music Discussions and Quizzes!

We also hope to have some in-person events running later this year if possible!!

Our vision is to nurture talent and give our musicians and members the confidence to perform and fully grow into themselves as artists. We’re all about bringing the good vibes to Loughborough. Contact us if you play an instrument and want to join the band! Otherwise, buy your membership, sit back, relax and enjoy the music.


President: Sofia Oloyede -

Vice President: James Brown -

Music Director: Dan Olojo -

Media Rep: Rhea Lester-James -

Secretary: Tom Atkinson -

Treasurer: Rugile Pliuskyte -