Jazz night in JCs (Sundays???)

Jazz night in JCs (Sundays???)

I would like to have a Jazz night in JCs, as its a relatively unexplored area of music at Loughborough (excluding Tuxedo Swing). Many people like Jazz music and can find it relaxing to listen to especially in contrast to the "normal" music we have playing in JCs.

I feel this will give students another chill night to attend should they want to relax and socialise with their peers in a bar environment. This could perhaps be done alongside the option for cocktails to be served?

Submitted by Alessio G.

Student Leader Feedback

Salomé Doré, Union President

Salomé Doré

Union President,

Great idea! This is now through to voting- if it receives 50 votes we will action it to an executive officer.

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Michael M.

Sounds like an absolute Christmas present!

A Jazz night,, a Jazz night, my vote for a Jazz night!