Replace Showsec Security with Student-Led Security

Replace Showsec Security with Student-Led Security

The replacement of student-led security with a outside organisation on Union nights has not been successful. As evidenced with a post on the "Overheard at Loughborough University" group (currently sitting at 472 likes), the current way the security is run on Union nights out is negatively affecting the union experience. New, unpublicised rules about needing 2 forms of ID to enter the Union meant many people were left outside in the cold, and there have been reports of the staff being unreasonable.

The old system of having students as bouncers meant that security are more likely to be empathetic to the students on a night out, and vice-versa. It gave many students jobs and qualifications for post-university life, something the Union should be supporting whole-heartedly.

Submitted by Jack M.

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