Consent & Sexual Health


Who are we?

We are a student led organisation who aims to raise awareness and educate about all issues consent and sexual health! We are hoping to break the stigma that is often attached to consent and sexual health by making CASH more prominent around campus.

We also provide crucial and easy-to-access information about local organisations and services, such as Rape Crisis Centres and Sexual Health Clinics around Loughborough and Leicestershire. Remember there is always support out there for you if you ever find yourself requiring it.

All students come to university with differing levels of education in regards to consent and sexual health. It is important, and our responsibility, to provide a core level of education of the main points of consent and sexual health to all students across campus. We do this through short presentations, workshops, panels, and training programmes that are run by students for students, throughout the academic year – all free and accessible for you to get involved in!

The team aim to arrange discreet, on-campus sexual health screenings through Leicestershire Sexual Health Services and TRADE Sexual Health. We also offer the opportunity for students to sign-up to the C Card Initiative – free service for under 25s to collect free condoms from numerous locations in Loughborough!

Our campaigns

We will be running numerous campaigns throughout the year, all with the aim of engaging different demographics of students across campus. These include our ‘Check Yourself’ campaign and our new campaigns that will be launching in September 2020!! Our new campaigns are:
  • Solidarity through stitch
  • Postcard for justice
  • F*ck you, not me
  • Lad
  • Paint Campus Red

Where can you find us?

Email: w&

CASH Facebook page

Twitter @LSUCASH

Instagram @lsucash

We have some exciting news! We have been given the amazing opportunity to host a podcast/talk show and a section in the popular student run magazine, Label!

Meet the team!

Chair – Tali Olubor

Vice Chair – Ellie Blanchflower

Campaigns Officer – Millie Barrow

Events Manager – Chloe Boyd

Workshop Coordinator – Megan McKone

Please feel free to contact us at any of our social medias and also feel free to contact us on our private accounts too!

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