Consent & Sexual Health

Consent & Sexual Health Team


The Consent & Sexual Health (CASH) Team aims to raise awareness about important issues relating to consent and sexual health. We also try to provide crucial and easy-to-access information about local organisations and services, such as Rape Crisis Centres and Sexual Health Clinics around Loughborough and Leicestershire, who can help as and when they are needed.


Consent is the most essential concept to understand in order to allow the basis for any healthy sexual relationship to occur. As such, it is important to provide a core level of education of the main points of consent to all, even if this information only serves as a reminder. We aim to do this through short presentations and more in depth workshop-style sessions delivered by students to students, to make sure the information is relevant and relatable. Through these means, we hope to increase consent awareness and reduce the number of sexual misconduct incidences as a product of a misunderstanding of consent.


Sexual health encapsulates so much more than STD check-reminders and promoting safe sex: although of course these are important. We aim to provide regular on-campus opportunities for students to sign-up to the C Card Initiative; a free service for under 25s to collect free condoms from numerous locations in Loughborough (Tescos, Superdrug, Boots & The Medicine Box). We also arrange opportunities for discreet, on-campus sexual health screenings through Leicestershire Sexual Health Services and TRADE Sexual Health. Beyond these services, we run various campaigns in order to raise awareness of other health or sex life issues: including the ‘Check Yourself’ Campaign, launched in May 2018 which encourages regular sexual health checks, but also regular self-checks for early signs of breast or testicular cancer.

Check out the facebook pages of the LSU Welfare and Diversity E.O. and the LSU CASH Coordinator to find out more!




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Rape Crisis Centres:

Jasmine House (female only):

Based in Leicester, LE1 8DZ


Helpline: 0116 255 8852


Nottinghamshire Sexual Violence Support Services (all genders):

Based in Nottingham, NG1 5LP


Helpline: 0115 941 0440



Sexual Health Centres:

Pinfold Gate Clinic (full screening & contraception services available):

Based in Loughborough, LE11 1DQ (behind the Cineworld Cinema)


Helpline (Leicestershire Sexual Health): 0300 124 0102


TRADE Sexual Health (LGBT+):

Based in Leicester, LE1 6AS


Helpline: 0116 254 1747