Department SIOs

Welfare & Diversity SIOs (Student Inolvement Officers) are based in every single Department at Loughborough. SIOs are here to support you, as well as run events and raise awareness of the 9 associations within the Welfare & Diversity section.

Your 2019-20 SIOs are:

AACME: Martha Obasuyi

ABCE: Emily Turnbull

Chemistry: Chantal Bär

CMSPS: Callum Sayer

Computer Science: Eugen Iordanescu

Creative Arts: Immy Low

Design: Romy Norgrove

Geography: Jenny Martin

Maths: Anjani Thakrar

Physics: Ainhoa Hdez

POLIS & English: Sinéad Cullen

SBE: Burak Ozakca

SSEHS: Ola Pawlowska

Wolfson: Emily Sou