Disability Support Network (DSN)

Welcome to the LSU Disability Support Network!

The DSN is a student-run association which represents disabled students at Loughborough University.

What is the DSN?

The DSN is here to support and develop the community of students on campus who self-identify as either living with a visible or invisible disability.

The DSN also aims to educate and raise awareness of all disabilities on campus in order to make the university as accessible and inclusive as possible.

Our aims are:

  • To address accessibility issues across campus
  • To promote and run campaigns to raise awareness of all types of disabilities
  • To hold events for disabled students so that they can get involved in all opportunities available at Loughborough
  • To provide a safe and confidential environment for disabled students to talk openly about their disability
  • To implement the DSN Nightlife Scheme


DSN Sub-community groups

  • The DSN has a series of WhatsApp sub-community group chats which allow disabled students to connect with similar people, make friends who truly understand what they are going through and to share advice. The links to the sub-community group chats can be found on the DSN Facebook page.
  • There are group chats for people with: Long term health conditions; Specific learning differences; AD(H)D; visual impairment; D(d)eafness and Hard of Hearing; Physical disabilities; Autism Spectrum conditions; Long term mental health conditions.

DSN Mentor Scheme

  • The DSN mentor scheme is a new support programme which will launch from the beginning of the 2020/21 academic year. The Scheme aims to give disabled students the opportunity to meet with a trained student volunteer to help with your studies at university. Our mentors use their experience from their previous years of study to share strategies and knowledge to help you cope with your disabilities and chosen subjects at university. This is open to any student regardless of their disability, year of study and what subject they are studying.
  • If you are interested in volunteering as a DSN Peer Mentor, or for more information on how to get a mentor, please get in contact by email to either nevefields@lsu.co.uk or W&DDisabilityOfficer@lsu.co.uk.


Chair: Neve Fields

Vice-Chair: Isaac Finn

Media and Communications Officer: Aryan Johri

Graphics and Illustrations Officer: Jack Quilter

Events Officer: Vedika Bansal

Campaigns Officer: Linara Goonatillake

Training Officer: Maryam Albaghdadi

Education and Careers Officer: Afra Padmore

Education and Careers Officer: Louise Davis

Sports Officer: Alex Hithersay

Sign Language Coordinator: James Crellin

To find out more about the DSN, to keep up to date with our campaigns and events, or to get in contact:

Email: nevefields@lsu.co.uk or W&DDisabilityOfficer@lsu.co.uk

DSN Facebook page

Twitter @Disability_LSU

Instagram @dsn_lsu

If you’d like to receive occasional emails from our Disability Support Network about events, news and support then please subscribe here:

If you ever change your mind just drop marketing@lsu.co.uk an email and they will remove you from the Association’s email list.