Welfare & Diversity Reps are based in every single Hall at Loughborough. Whether you live in the hall or are an affiliate member to it, your dedicated rep is here to support you, as well as run events and raise awareness of the 9 associations within the Welfare & Diversity section.

Your 2019-20 Reps are:

Butler Court: Thilina Pererea

Cayley: Anita Berisha & Yasmin Atterwala

Claudia Parsons: Amy Attril & K-Leigh Hargreaves

David Collett: Tayeb Giani

Elvyn Richards: Owen Henderson

Falk Egg: 

Faraday: Aman Paul

Harry French: Maddie Shepherd

Hazlerigg-Rutland: Lauren Feather

John Phillips: Shrey Gupta

Robert Bakewell: Adelina Antohi & Ruthie Barnett

Royce: Theo Saville

Rutherford: Louis Dinsdale

Telford: Harry Fellows

The Holt: Emily Semmens

Towers: Sid Lyer

William Morris: Diogo Barros