International Students' Network

Welcome to Loughborough’s International Students’ Network!

We are here to make sure that your experience as an international student at Loughborough is as enjoyable as possible.

Whether you are an Erasmus/Exchange student or you’re studying your entire degree at Loughborough, we are here to represent and support you. It is our role to make sure that you’re supported throughout your time at Loughborough but also to share your culture across our campus. We are so proud of our student diversity here at Loughborough, with over 3,500 international students within our student community.

We offer a range of events and social opportunities, from nights out in the Union, online Zoom events, educational exhibitions, an our extremely popular annual International Day celebration of our community. Due to Covid-19 we may be limited on what physical events we can currently hold, but we will still be offering online social and support opportunities.

Our mission statement:

We aim to provide a safe space for students where they can get involved, network, feel represented, have fun, spread cultural awareness and learn new things about the world.

Our core values:

  • Celebration – to emphasise, celebrate and share culture, national holidays, and festivities.
  • Empowerment– to encourage students to embrace their unique story, feel proud about their heritage and share their experiences and traditions.
  • Support – to facilitate the provision of help and wellbeing resources throughout students’ university experience.

Our Committee:

Chair – Gabo Ortiz Vieira

Vice-Chair – Gina Kohli

Events Officer – Rishi Mukherjee

Events Officer – Yash Adwani

Media & Communications Officer – Simoneanna Arajian

Media & Communications Officer – Jayesh Vasta

Marketing Officer – Lety Knudsen

Erasmus Officer – Laura Bargueiras

South Asian Ambassador – Gaurav Vangani

East & Southeast Asian Ambassador – Rachel Wan

Middle East Ambassador – Bahira El Mantawi

African Nations Ambassador – Chidimma Itanyi

European Ambassador – Gergely Tomasovszki

America & Australia Ambassador – Maria Perez

Get in touch:

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