Coronavirus (COVID-19) Hub

We know this isn't the way you wanted to start your year at University or how you thought your return to the #LboroFamily would be.

We want to reassure our members that no-matter the level of study you're embarking on, your Students’ Union is working incredibly hard to ensure you're kept up-to-date with all the vital information regarding the on-going coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

We know it is more important than ever that you feel confident in the plans we have as an organisation to make your Loughborough experience the best it possibly can be. As part of our efforts to keep you informed, we've launched a dedicated Cornavirus Hub right here on our website. We appreciate the volume of information being sent your way could be quite overwhelming, so we've created this hub to give you quick links to key advice, guidance, and our latest news updates. We've also included a tracker so you can see which of our services are still in operation, and in what capacity.

Students' Union Building

The LSU Building is currently accessible from 08:00 am - 5.00 pm (Monday - Friday).
Our staff have introduced a number of measures (following government guidance) to help make it as safe and as comfortable as possible for you. These are the following measures have been put in place within the LSU Building as well as our outlets-:

  • We have introduced a 'Keep-Left' system to enable you to access and navigate the building safely. We have introduced clear signage across our building; this is placed to help you follow the guidance in place to ensure that we help each other through this time. As well as clear signage, we will also have staff on hand to assist you with any questions or queries you might have.
  • If you display any symptoms of COVID-19, please DO NOT enter any LSU building or use our facilities.
    Please contact the University and submit your symptoms to Connect and Protect.
  • We have available hand sanitiser stations around the building for your use and we ask that you regularly use these facilities - including on your initial entry to the LSU Building.
  • We ask that you always wear your mask or face covering while accessing the LSU building and its outlets including; Union Building Shop, Purple Onion Shop, Stash Shop, College Shop, Art Shop, all catering outlets (other than when eating or drinking), all toilets and office corridors.
    Exceptions from wearing a mask or face covering apply to anyone with access and/or medical needs.
  • We have adopted social-distancing measures throughout the LSU Building. This includes keeping at least a 2-meter distance between yourself and others.
  • We will be introducing a Track and Trace system.
  • We are now a cashless premise and will accept payments made via credit/debit card or digital payments (such as via Apple Pay) across all venues and outlets.
  • We have introduced regular cleaning measures throughout the day and deep cleans will be taking place on a regular basis.

For more information on the measures in place across the LSU Building, please see LSU's COVID-19 Policy.

Opening Times

The Union Helpdesk will operate under reduced hours; 5 days a week (10:00 am – 2:00 pm)
Please email with any immediate inquiries you have related to our services.

The Union Building Shop remains open (10:30 am-5:00 pm, Monday-Friday, and Weekends 12:00 pm-4:00 pm) to ensure you are still able to get your hands on the essentials.

The Daily Grind has re-opened and from 08:30 am-2:00 pm (Monday-Friday) you'll be able to get your hands on the finest Starbucks coffee, sweet treats, and some lunch-time essentials.

Due to the current nationwide COVID-19 restrictions, John Coopers Bar and Kitchen is closed until further notice.

Munch is closed until further notice.

The Purple Onion remains open (11:00 am-8:00 pm, Monday-Friday and Weekends 11:00 am-9:00 pm) to ensure you are still able to get your hands on the essentials.

The College Shop remains open (10:00 am-2:00 pm, Monday-Friday) to ensure you are still able to get your hands on the essentials.

The Art Shop remains open (10:00 am-2:00 pm, Monday-Friday) to ensure you are still able to get your hands on the essentials.

The Stash Shop is closed until further notice.

On Tuesday 22nd September the government tightened restrictions and guidance on COVID-19. As part of this announcement, the UK Government increased the alert level for   COVID-19 from 3 to 4; which means that the virus is spreading exponentially and as such LSU has to further tighten its rules around student activities.

We will now encourage all activities to take place digitally with fewer face-to-face activities being permitted. 


There is no change to the 'Rule of 6'.

However, exemptions to this (please see point 2.10: When can I gather in groups of more than 6?) have allowed us to deliver some limited, risk assessed, and well-managed activities. Activities should be delivered digitally wherever possible. Where this is not possible or there is a clear benefit, activities could be delivered face-to-face with a large amount of planning, oversight, and risk management. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind students that social activity with over 6 people in attendance is explicitly banned.

Below we have updated our guidance to give clear and specific guidance as to how activities should proceed:

Our LSU Societies section provides opportunities for students across a broad and wide range of over 120 student-led societies. We’re the home away from home for cultural and faith groups, those wishing to perform or take part in the arts, outdoor and sports activities, and all general interests and hobbies. Student group activity is a core part of a student’s development and educational journey. As such, we’re able to offer some face-to-face group activity. But we must make sure our activities are delivered safely.

Society events should now be virtual wherever possible. This is to limit contact wherever possible, to keep you, society committees, and its members safe.

Outdoor and Sport: can continue with strict COVID-19 precautions in place.
Cultural and Faith: Religious groups can meet up for prayer and worship and must follow the maximum capacities of facilities. Other activities to be digital wherever possible.
Hobby and Interest: Activities need to be digital wherever possible.
Academic and Careers: Activities need to be digital wherever possible.
General Interests: Activities need to be digital wherever possible.
Performance, Arts and Music: Activities need to be digital wherever possible.
Dance & Fitness Groups: We are working to find a suitable and safe space for you to practice.

Find out more about societies and how they’re classified on the Societies Hub on our website.

Society Sport

Social sport with over 6 participants is currently not allowed under current guidance. The university is hoping to deliver its social sports league as soon as possible and societies will be invited to join.


Give It A Go

Please consider organising a virtual Give it a Go event. You could run an online ‘Meet and Greet’ or invite people to socialise over a coffee via a webchat! 

If you need ideas for an online event, please get in touch.


Risk Assessments

All student group activities are risk assessed on an annual basis. Our society leaders are currently updating their risk assessments to include additional COVID-19 precautions. Section administrators have sent student group committees their existing risk assessments for amendment. Societies need to consider their eventual return to face-to-face activity and be prepared for safety precautions - some further information can be found in the FAQ section. 

If you ever have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Our clubs are currently working hard to ensure that training is safe and ready for when students return to campus. Loughborough Students’ Athletic Union will always prioritise the safety of its members and so we have asked clubs to put in place a specific protocol to ensure all sports can return safely to play and can allow you to attend trials and taster sessions safely over the course of the Freshers’ period. Please be mindful that some of our trials and taster sessions may run over a longer period of time for some clubs to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to try their chosen sport.  

We can’t wait to see you over the course of Freshers’ and despite the current circumstances, the staff and student team working behind the scenes are doing the best they can to ensure that Loughborough Students’ Athletic Union continues to provide the best sporting experiences possible. 


Any questions and queries should be directed to either or  

Loughborough Rag is proud of its work as one of the best student-fundraising teams in the UK. Each year, we fundraise for a range of local, national, and international charities and good causes. This year will be no different.  

You will understand that we are operating in very uncertain times, and as such Rag must adapt its usual activities alongside this. We are still enthusiastically working on plans to develop and deliver new activities and continue to raise funds for amazing causes. Rest assured, the safety of our volunteers, alongside giving you the best experience possible, is our highest priority. We can’t wait to share our new plans with you as the term approaches, and we hope you’ll join us, whether you’re a Fresher, Returner, or Postgraduate, to gain incredible memories and raise vital funds for charities.  

Rag Challenges
We are hopeful that our national and international trips will still be able to take place in 2021. Stay tuned to the LSU Rag Facebook page for updates. In the meantime, we’ve already started recruiting participants, so find a trip you love and sign up! Due to uncertainty in what the future holds, we are working more closely than ever with our challenge partners to ensure that safeguarding policies are in place and that free deferrals will be available for all participants in the case that COVID-19 prevents the trip going ahead.  
Rag Raids
At this point in time, it is unfortunately not safe or possible for us to provide raiding opportunities in large cities across the UK. Instead, for the time being, we are looking at Loughborough market-day and supermarket collections. As soon as we can safely organise larger collections once more to support our charities, we will do so. Register your interest now, via this form
Internal Events

Many of Rag’s traditional Term 1 events such as Colour Dash are unable to run, but we are hoping that as the rules relax and campus life begins to return to normal, we’ll be able to introduce them into our Term 2 planning. Rag prides itself on delivering high-quality events that raise money for charity, so under the current guidance, we are re-investing our energies into new events that we feel can have a bigger impact. We are excited to soon share with you what these may be. 

It is with huge disappointment that we announce that the annual Rag community Fireworks display will not be occurring in November 2020.

Hall and Department Events

All fundraising in halls and departments will need to be conducted in line with the rules and regulations surrounding social gatherings, events and activities issued by the government.  

Have you got an idea for a fundraising event or do you want to find out more about how you can support any causes you love? Contact

All schemes, activities, and projects within Education have continued since the initial lockdown in March, via digital channels and provisions. Whilst we would love for our activities to run face-to-face, it is very unlikely that we will do so for Term 1. We are confident that this will not change the quality of delivery, based on the success we have seen over the last few months. This is what you should expect from each team/scheme under the Education umbrella:


LSU Advice - LSU Advice provides free, independent, confidential, and non-judgemental advice for taught students and doctoral researchers at both the Loughborough and London campus. All advice will be delivered via e-mail for the time being.


Academic Representation - given our close working relationship with University colleagues, we will be following suit on their advice and guidance, i.e. we expect the majority of Student-Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs), for example, to be delivered remotely, although this is subject to change based on the Departments/Schools.

Peer Support - in a similar manner, some of the schemes under Peer Support could be delivered in person (for example, Peer Assisted Learning) at the discretion of our University liaisons, but the majority will be delivered remotely. 

Department Committees - anything that would be classified as a social gathering of more than six people will not be permitted or tolerated. Committees have been working very hard to ensure that you are welcomed within your learning community, so do expect events, activities, and campaigns that will most likely be delivered remotely! There may be some limited face to face educational events and activities. 

Education Executive Officer – Ana-Maria Bilciu will continue to support and champion you in a similar manner as she has been doing over lockdown. If you want to stay up to date with what she is doing, please feel free to follow her on Facebook and Twitter @LSU Education, as well as e-mail.

Our Welfare and Diversity associations provide a critical support network for students on campus. As a result, they will be permitted to organise some limited face-to-face activities although they are already planning a host of digital events and activities. Support groups are listed under the exemptions to the "Rule of 6" and form a critical part of the work we do in ensuring that all students are well supported and represented at Loughborough.

Face to face activity of support groups will be limited to 15 and our staff team are working hard to ensure any events are COVID-secure.

Welfare and Diversity as a section provide representation, support, activism, fun, and education for minority/liberation groups, communities, and their allies.

We do this through our nine, student-led Associations who all have no membership fee. These are:

Consent and Sexual Health

Disability Support Network

Ethnic Minorities Network

HeadsUp (Mental Health Association)

International Students’ Network

LGBT+ Association

Mature Students’ Association

Nightline (Student-led, Out-of-hours, non-advisory, confidential listening service)

Women’s Network


The Chairs of these Associations form the Welfare and Diversity Committee, in addition to the following student volunteers:

Deputy Officer

Hall and Department Reps Coordinator

Postgraduate Welfare and Diversity Officer


Alex Marlowe, the Welfare and Diversity Executive Officer, oversees this Section and will help ensure the safe and successful operation of Welfare and Diversity this year.


In spite of the circumstances, we still intend to champion, represent, and support students in line with the guidance at each time. Where our activity falls under the ‘educational’ exemption, we have scope to hold events in-person and in accordance with guidelines. Where that is not possible, Welfare and Diversity will be active online, providing a plethora of spaces, activities, campaigns, and events. Our Sectional activity will be heavily planned, organised, and flexible; ready to adapt moment-to-moment in line with the government and university guidance at the time.


If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to get in touch with Alex (Welfare & Diversity EO) via email:

We can’t wait to welcome you!

LSU Enterprise is here to help you discover your entrepreneurial spirit and give you the skills you need to either start your own business or become more employable. Enterprise is what you make of it, whether that’s working on your passions and exploring your creative ideas or expanding your horizons and learning new things. 

The current global pandemic is a challenging situation that however will not stop us from proving guidance to students who want to be involved in Enterprise. Given the current circumstances, we will deliver all our activities virtually, including development workshops, 1-2-1 sessions, Hackathons, showcases, and forums with special guests joining us along the way.  Sign up free of charge and start your Enterprise journey now. 

WE ARE ENTERPRISE – here to inspire you with activities, connect you with likeminded people and businesses, and help you to create the future of your dreams. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact

LSU Action provides volunteering opportunities to the students and staff at Loughborough University. We help our local and wider community in many different ways, from feeding the homeless at our very own soup kitchen to hosting a cinema event for local elderly residents. We are so proud of the impact our wonderful students make.  


Unfortunately, many of our project partners aren’t able to facilitate our volunteers currently. The majority of schools can’t host afterschool activities or allow external visitors in, whilst the members of the residential homes we work with are deemed vulnerable and it is not yet safe for us to run our normal activities; even our beloved local kennels aren’t able to open its doors to student helpers!  


We are happy that some of our projects will still be going ahead though, ensuring that all events are COVID secure. Most of these projects will take place in the open-air including our gardening projects and we’re hopeful we’ll be able to continue to support the campus nursery. 


Contact The Elderly: unable to take place - replaced with a PenPal Scheme.
Soup Kitchen: Taking place with strict COVID-19 precautions.
Sunday Roast: Postponed until further notice.
Tea and Talk: Postponed until further notice.
University Experience: Postponed until Term 2.
Ashmount: Postponed until further notice.
Forget Me Not: Postponed until further notice.

Glebe House: Postponed until further notice.

Intergenerational: We are working with our local campus nursery to send children's arts and crafts to our local residential care homes.

Open Door: Postponed until further notice.
Action BACA: We have contacted BACA to see how we can continue to work together.

Culture in the Community: Taking place with strict COVID-19 precautions.

English Conversational Club: Taking place with strict COVID-19 precautions.

Language Support Scheme: Taking place with strict COVID-19 precautions.

Action Sports: Taking place with strict COVID-19 precautions.

In Tandem: Taking place with strict COVID-19 precautions.

Kids Olympics: Postponed until Term 2.

Action Nursery: Taking place with strict COVID-19 precautions.

Kids Camp: Postponed until Term 2.

Number Partners: Postponed until further notice.

Right to Read: Postponed until further notice.

Robogals: Postponed until further notice.


We have been and will continue working hard to provide as many volunteering opportunities to our students who want to volunteer their time as possible. We’ll still be delivering A-Teams on Wednesdays, but these will be heavily limited and assessed to ensure our volunteers are safe. These opportunities shall be advertised in the coming weeks. For the projects which can’t currently run, we’re either looking at altering how we deliver that activity or we’re making plans for a safe return when the government guidance allows us to. We are also setting up various awareness campaigns alongside introducing a handful of new digital projects to look forward too. 


Overseas Projects

We remain optimistic that our overseas projects will be running in 2021. We are working with the charities which provide the trips to ensure there is a wide range of opportunities to sign up to whilst ensuring safeguards are in place to ensure your health and wellbeing as well as ensuring free deferrals can be issued if the trips do not go ahead. Please keep an eye on the LSU Action webpage and social media channels to stay updated. 


A-Teams & Project Leaders

Project leaders are being informed of the status of their individual projects and we will continue to make plans for the eventual safe return of those projects that are currently unable to run. Those that are able to operate will be advertised in the next few weeks. A-Teams will return on a small scale to start with, but we can’t wait to get up and running in greater numbers later in the term. If you’ve got any ideas or would like to find out more about volunteering at LSU please contact


There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with LSU Media. From learning a new skill at one of our COVID-secure training sessions (available both online and in-person), to get involved at one of our fun-filled projects, giving you skills and experience in the media industry. We have four sections offering high-quality opportunities and experiences; Label - our student magazine, Lens – our photography section, LSUTV – your student television station, and LCR, your campus radio station.

At LSU Media we care about your safety so all projects and training sessions will be done following the social distancing guidelines, along with measures to ensure that the equipment you use and the opportunities we provide are COVID-secure. Find out more about how we’re doing this and how to get involved with us by visiting our website:

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Student Group FAQ

Event Bookings
  • All student group events and activities must use the LSU Event Booking Form.
  • The form is an application. It does not confirm your room booking. You will only be granted a room once your event has been checked by our staff to ensure it is COVID-secure. 
  • Due to the current situation, LSU and the university are operating with a severely reduced capacity and as such we anticipate being unable to deliver the same level of student-led events or activities as usual.
  • As ever, you cannot host society or student group events in a private dwelling. 
Travel to and from an event 
  • The government exemptions to the rule of six only cover the direct purpose of student group activity. It does not cover large gatherings traveling to or from activities.

Pub Restaurant, Cinema Trips/Socials, etc.
  • If your student group wishes to attend a pub, restaurant or to take a trip to somewhere like a cinema you should note that this does not constitute as LSU activity and you should follow government and venue guidance. Government exemptions do not cover any form of the student group “social.” 
Carpooling, Transport, Coach Hire, Minibus
  • Please try to avoid carpooling as it is not possible to socially distance.
  • If you are looking to book a coach, please remember that coach capacity is heavily reduced. This would mean your coach booking per head is very expensive. Likewise, for minibusses or taxis.  All trips using transport must use the Event Booking Form. 
Flyering, Posters, Campaigning, Fundraising
  • You should prioritise online advertisement for your student group. Expenses claims for printed flyers or posters may not be approved unless pre-authorized.
  • You can send digital marketing material to to request to use the LSU screens. Please use 1920x1080p landscape, and 1080x1920p portrait.  
  • Face-to-face campaigning could be high risk. By leafleting or flyering in town, or posting materials through doors, you may endanger vulnerable members of the public, as well as yourself. If it is necessary, you must follow the guidance above to write a COVID-secure risk assessment.
  • Likewise for bucket collections guidance will follow LSU Rag’s policy., for bucket collection, please contact LSU Rag to investigate setting up society fundraising websites, at Bucket collections guidance will follow LSU Rag’s policy. Please get in touch with us with a COVID-secure risk assessment before you undergo any of these activities. 

Please get in touch with us with a COVID-secure risk assessment before you undergo any of these activities. 
All events must use the Event Booking Form.

Why is it important?
  • Any event that does not follow the protocol and approval system above, puts you and your members at risk.  
  • Cases of rule-avoiding or breaking will be dealt with through the disciplinary procedures outlined in the University VC’s email to all students. If you ignore LSU procedure and undergo events with obvious negligence, putting your members at risk, your student-group will be suspended, pending an investigation.

All our activities and events will be conducted in accordance with the relevant guidance published by the UK Government, with changes made to the operation of all events and venues to comply with social-distancing guidance. All our venues have been thoughtfully designed with the latest guidance in mind to ensure that we're doing everything we can to keep you safe when you visit us. These are the following measures we've put in place to ensure our events are safe and secure:

>> Entry

  • Staggered timings – you will be allocated a specific arrival time on your ticket.
    You must ensure you arrive during your slot to ensure all individuals can safely enter the event.
  • Track and Trace - all visitors to our venues will be asked to submit relevant 'Track and Trace' information.
  • Hosts – at the event a staff team of hosts will manage arrivals, ensuring groups are seated at the correct table, explain how to order drinks and house rules, and control access to different areas of the venue.
  • Wristbands – you will be issued a wristband on entry which will identify your allocated table.   
  • One-way flow – all events and venues will have clearly marked flow routes to ensure students are directed to their allocated zone, have access to their specific toilet facilities, and are able to return to their zone in a socially-distanced manner.

>> Food & Drink Service

  • Table service – this will be the preferred format of service at all events and venues, there will be no availability to order at the bar.
  • Mobile app – all orders will be made through our contactless ordering system available on all smartphones.
  • Staff ratio – the staffing ratio will be increased to accommodate the changes in operation over the Freshers’ period, in support of table service, capacity management and cleaning.
  • Cashless - only accept payments made by credit or debit card across all venues and outlets.

>> Toilets & Facilities

  • Sanitiser stations - these will be located at all venue and event entry points, localised toilet facilities, and where appropriate the entry to allocated zones. We have available hand sanitiser stations around our venues for your use and we ask that you regularly use these facilities - including on your initial entry to event space.
  • Cleaning – toilets will be cleaned regularly to maintain hygiene standards and touchpoints will be cleaned regularly by staff throughout the event.

>> Customer Control

  • Defined capacity – each activity, event or venue will have a defined capacity that will be controlled via advance ticket sales, pre-bookable tables, and the management team for the area.
  • Supervised sections – each event will be broken down into smaller zones, colour coded where appropriate, and managed by a delegated host.
  • Staff ratio – we have increased the ratio of security staff to customers to ensure these events can be delivered safely.
  • House rules – All students must abide by the Venues Code of Conduct. Anyone failing to adhere to social distancing rules will be ejected from the venue.
  • SIA (Security Industry Authority) staff – will be employed to manage ingress and egress and support the management team in monitoring expected conduct.

>> Event Curfew

  • Bar closure – bars will close one hour before the event is scheduled to end.
  • Curfew – ticketed events will close at 01:00, all other events will close at midnight.

>> Leaving Our Venues

  • Staggered – where tables have completed their drinks within the allotted drinking up time they will be asked to make their way home, naturally staggering egress from the event. Where zones are used, each zone will be asked to make their way home in turn to stagger flow.
  • Managed – SIA staff will manage the egress of students from all events.

All students must abide by the Venues Code of Conduct when attending our events. Any breaches of these rules will be dealt with immediately via LSU's Discipline Policy.
All events are subject to immediate closure where behavior is not compliant with expected conduct.