Executive Team

This team is elected by you, for you. They make it their mission to better your Loughborough experience.

Matt Youngs

As your President I oversee the work of the whole Executive Team, comprising our 5 Executive Officers and 6 Section Chairs. I am the main point of contact for the University and also work with local stakeholders in Loughborough town, as well as our national partners.

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Fejiro Amam
Vice President

As the Vice President, I work with our amazing halls of residence, giving the committees and chairs the support they need to deliver a great student experience. I also work with LSU’s Head of Governance to oversee the Union’s efforts in democracy and representation, running the Executive Elections and ensuring the executive team is answerable to the students.

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Ana-Maria Bilciu
Education Executive Officer

Succinctly (and rather formal), I am the designated student representative on all academic matters. I liaise with students and staff to ensure feedback is championed, and that the student voice and academic interests are put at the heart of any decision made.

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James Greer
Sport Executive Officer

As Sport Executive Officer, I am the voice and representative for all students who want to get involved in Sport. From recreation to performance and even coaching and volunteering, I work alongside all sporting strands to increase and empower sporting opportunities and bolster sporting experiences for everyone who wishes to be part of the sporting community here at Loughborough.

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Alex Marlowe
Welfare & Diversity Executive Officer

As the Welfare & Diversity Executive Officer, I oversee the work of the 9 associations that make up Welfare and Diversity. No matter where you are in your university or college journey, Welfare and Diversity is here to support you and ensure you feel part of the Loughborough family.

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