Ana-Maria Bilciu Education Executive Officer

I made my way to Loughborough back in 2015, all the way from Romania, to study Information Technology Management for Business (ITMB). Don't know what ITMB is? Neither do most people, so I just tell them I studied Computer Science! Once I became more comfortable with an entirely different education system, I tried to take on any new opportunity or challenge that came my way. I know it can be scary to try new things, but out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens - cheesy, but it works, I promise! I was Computer Science's Department Committee Chair and the International Development Officer, as well as holding various other roles around the Union and University. Above all, I have really loved being part of my Department, and getting involved with anything that had to do with our learning community, which led me to my current role. This will be my second year as Education Executive Officer and I’m thrilled to be back!

What do I do?

Succinctly (and rather formal), I am the designated student representative on all academic matters. I liaise with students and staff to ensure feedback is championed, and that the student voice and academic interests are put at the heart of any decision made.  What does that mean, really? It's simple - whether you've got something to say about your course, research, teaching, your learning community or anything in between, tell my volunteers about it or drop me a line! I can approach the right people at the University to answer your question and enhance your academic experience. We don't know what the problems are until you tell us, so let us know so we can try to resolve them. The teams I work alongside operate at both campuses, Loughborough and London, so make sure you come and say hi to us!

My Human Side

I can't go around being all learning and no play. When I'm not pushing for academic success across campus, you'll find me deep in a new TV series or movie. But I do love a good chat, and I try my best to start any conversation by remembering that all individuals are going through their own challenges, so it is really important to me that I am as friendly and open- minded as I possibly can be! On top of that, I genuinely enjoy learning more about others, as well as helping and guiding them if I can do so.

Been there done that advice:

1. Find out who is here for you

Whether you want to participate in Departmental events and activities, would like to have a peer to peer conversation or are curious to find out who academically represents you, you should get in touch with my volunteers!

2. Don’t leave it too late

Spending long nights in the library may sound like a good idea, but try to avoid ending up in this situation. Prioritise your education because this is what you came here for!

3. Bring your favourite pillow

There’s nothing more frustrating that not sleeping properly, so make sure you bring something familiar and comforting with you– pillows, cushions, blankets, whatever it is that you love at home, bring them along!