Salomé Doré Union President

In 2015 I arrived in Loughborough from Nice, France. When I started my course, all I wanted to do was make movies but I couldn't find the kit to do it. Luckily LSU Media had everything I needed.

Joining Media gave me the opportunities to discover more about all of the other sections of the Union. I became involved in Action, Societies (French Society – duh!), the Education Network and I found my true calling in Welfare and Diversity. After a wonderful year leading the section as the Welfare and Diversity Executive Officer, the next obvious choice was the become Union President, and the rest as they say, is history.

What do I do?

As President, I manage the Executive Officers and Section Chairs here at Loughborough Students' Union and help them achieve their goals. I also lead on representing student matters to the University and wide community. Please feel free to get in touch with me at any time!

Working On...
My Manifesto

Transparency & Communications

LSU needs to be clearer, more open and transparent about how it works internally. To improve this, I would like to:

Release regular reports which will include what changes LSU Release regular ‘Exec wins’ which will outline what your executive and section chairs have been up to

LSU has been really good at catering for the needs of its main population, but it is time to adapt to our diverse and changing customers. For this, I will:

Launch and Champion the Ideas Forum Launch ‘Exec on Tour’: bringing surveys and interacting with students in their departments

A new way of working

LSU has been going through multiple changes over the past years and we need to make sure those changes work. For this, I will:

Measure our staff satisfaction, to make sure our staff is happy and work to the best of their capacities Improve the experience of our Student Staff

LSU Alumni Weekend

LSU runs multiple section alumni weekend over the year, and this year, I would like for all of us to work together and organise one LSU wide alumni weekend.

My Human Side

Transparency & Communications

When it comes to fun, I do love a Netflix binge but when I’m not being lazy I also really enjoy reading, throw in a bit of yoga and you’ve got my perfect afternoon.

If you want to talk about France, hit me up! Except if it’s to mention baguettes or beret, I stopped finding it funny 2 years ago.

I am very tiny, but mighty, oh and I make terrible jokes, which normally only I find funny but I guess that’s a translation thing. I love helping and listening to other people and will always support them where I can.

The mighty part of me means I tend to defend/fight/discuss what I believe in, that way I learn more about others and what they think! Maybe its the french in me, maybe I’m just that kinda person but I will always give it to you straight and honestly.

Been there done that advice

People won’t judge you for walking in their office and asking questions about getting involved. I used to be so scared of going to places and introducing myself because I felt like people would judge me if I didn’t say the right things, but no one will. As long as you’re a decent and respectful person, people will like you and want to befriend with you. So get out there, force yourself, I promise you will end up enjoying it.

My mum always said life’s a box of chocolates she was wrong, it’s way worse. You will go through a lot a uni, but make sure you reach out to other people - so many are going through things and don’t speak up, I promise you people are here and happy to help, use them, don’t lose them!