Darcey Dunne Vice President

The year was 2015, and Loughborough University was calling my name! I arrived with a place on a Sociology course to help me finally learn how to make friends. I went to work putting what I'd learnt on my course into practice on the Holt Hall committee and got involved primarily as an Action rep. It was at this point I found the Students' Union, with all the projects and opportunities available I just couldn't say no. I wanted to help people and be a part of something bigger than my studies so I began being part of union-wide projects and now using all my knowledge and sociology skills I hope I can help you.

What do I do?

As Vice President, managing all the halls and overseeing all of the wonderful sections in the Students' Union is a massive part of my role. Alongside this, the Vice President also has the sometimes testing task of overseeing the disciplinary proceedings (I'm watching you, Wazowski. Always watching. Always), finance (Money, money, money, must be funny), and Union Affairs (running the Executive and all other elections). Oh and then there's sitting on various committees like HSF, DRC, and University Council and of course deputising for the president.

Strat Plan
Coming Soon...
My Human Side

You may have heard the phrase "eat, sleep, rave, repeat". Although a very fun way to live, it's not terribly sustainable. When I'm not out waiting to repeat, I do a bit of boxing and some other martial arts but my real fitness craving can only be fixed by the gym! If you see me around I promise im not frowning at you, its just the doms.

Been there done that advice:

There are some really important things to remember whilst here at Loughborough, and I have highlighted the 3 I feel are most vital to your survival here:

1. Practice your Jenga skills, they will be needed when tackling both your laundry and washing up pile.

2. Memorise the library postcode, it will benefit you during those late-night study sessions.

3. Get involved in LSU as much as possible, visit all the events like the bazaars during Freshers so you can see everything we have to offer you- it will be the best 3 years of your life!

Bonus Tip: Don't eat yellow snow.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or queries or are just bored and fancy talking, here's how:

Twitter: @LSU_VicePres
Email: DarceyDunne@lsu.co.uk

Or come visit me in the Exec office upstairs in the Students' Union (Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm).